Authentic Tantra Massage

Authentic Tantra Massage

On this page, you will find all our blogs relating to Authentic Tantra Massage. For a truly authentic experience, tantra massage should involve elements outside standard Swedish and Sensual massage techniques. This includes meditation, mindfulness, the 7 Chakras, Swedish effleurage and sensual movements such as naked body glides.  

Let’s look at these individual elements and how they combine to create a mind-blowing authentic tantra experience. 

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Spending as little as ten minutes preparing your headspace at the start of the session can make a huge difference. Your masseuse will guide you through a meditation to encourage stillness of thought and allow you to be completely present in the moment. 

The 7 Chakras 

Ayurveda massage focuses on the 7 points of energy in the body known as the 7 Chakras. These are Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. 

Swedish Massage 

This will be familiar to most adults and deals with physically manipulating tight or sore muscles. This is where a non-authentic tantra experience typically begins. 

Sensual Massage 

Naked body-to-body massage with a stunning masseuse. She will use every inch of her body to tease and caress your cares away. Glistening body glides, teasing touches, and expert hands will have you riding waves of blissful pleasure. 

So as you can see, choosing to book an authentic experience gives you the ultimate massage encounter. You are setting the mind on the right path at the beginning of the session so the body can follow after and receive the benefit. 

Making Time For You

Making Time For You

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Meditation And Massage

Meditation And Massage

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Happy Tantric Collective London Clients

"I was lured in by the beautiful photos, a little worried that I may be disappointed in reality. I shouldn't have worried, as the experience was wonderful from start to finish. Expert customer care, and a genuinely relaxing and rewarding tantric massage with a masseuse every bit as stunning and skilled as her profile suggested. I have already rebooked!"

John H.

"Thank you very much for looking after me with such attention and consideraton for my massage requests. You really went above & beyond to give me a great time. Now I know of your team, visiting London will be much more enjoyable"

Saleem Y.

“Not only the best tantric massage encounter I've ever had in London; but also the most impressive and courteous customer service I've received anywhere in town. You've earned a very loyal customer, and I look forward to meeting more of your tantric therapists soon. Thank you."

Elliot F.