Japanese Slippery Nuru Massage

Japanese Slippery Nuru Massage 

Japanese Slippery Nuru Massage has its origins in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. The massage utilises a very slippery gel that creates a frictionless massage. The gel is made from nori seaweed and is an organic, natural product. You can purchase Nuru massage gel online in powdered or gel format. If you are purchasing the powdered version, you must add warm water and mix to create the perfect consistency for your massage. Better yet, book yourself a Nuru massage in London and leave it to the professionals. 

What is Nuru Massage Gel?

Nuru Massage gel is made up of the following ingredients:

Glycerine (from seaweed)

Xantham Gum



For the oil, we suggest using coconut-based oil as it’s all natural and has a more pleasant scent than other oils. You can also add a touch of Aloe Vera extract for its moisturising and healing properties though this isn’t essential or traditional. 

Add the glycerine, gum and oil to a bowl and slowly add the warm water. You want to create a gloopy mixture that slowly drips and slides through the fingers. If you add too much water, add more glycerine to thicken it. Now you’re ready to go. Slather it all over yourself and your lucky partner, and get slip sliding away! 

Professional Nuru Massage in London

If you prefer to leave the massage and the clean-up process to a professional Tantric Collective, London has several masseuses trained in the art of Nuru Massage. If you desire a Nuru Massage in London, let our concierge know or browse our Nuru Massage page here. Take your pick of our gorgeous masseuses and choose between incall or outcall. If you are booking an outcall Nuru massage to your hotel or home, grabbing a few extra towels is an excellent idea to protect your bedding. Whilst utterly blissful, the massage can be messy on your bed sheets, so it’s worth protecting them in advance. 

Japanese Slippery Nuru Massage

The massage itself is pretty extraordinary. Your naked masseuse’s body will glide over and across your own. Her stunning curves will slide over your body with a frictionless and blissful sensation. If you’re an experienced sensual massage enthusiast, then Nuru Massage should be on your list of areas to try. 

So if Japanese slippery Nuru massage sounds like the massage therapy for you, check out our various blogs here. Better yet, give us a call today and book one of our stunning masseuses to experience it for yourself. 

London Nuru Massage Etiquette

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How Can I Make Nuru Massage Gel? 

How Can I Make Nuru Massage Gel? 

Introduction to Nuru Massage London Nuru massage originated in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. The word Nuru translates as ‘slippery’, which perfectly describes the sensation of this erotic massage. Your masseuse will seductively glide her naked body across your own....



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Happy Tantric Collective London Clients

"I was lured in by the beautiful photos, a little worried that I may be disappointed in reality. I shouldn't have worried, as the experience was wonderful from start to finish. Expert customer care, and a genuinely relaxing and rewarding tantric massage with a masseuse every bit as stunning and skilled as her profile suggested. I have already rebooked!"

John H.

"Thank you very much for looking after me with such attention and consideraton for my massage requests. You really went above & beyond to give me a great time. Now I know of your team, visiting London will be much more enjoyable"

Saleem Y.

“Not only the best tantric massage encounter I've ever had in London; but also the most impressive and courteous customer service I've received anywhere in town. You've earned a very loyal customer, and I look forward to meeting more of your tantric therapists soon. Thank you."

Elliot F.