Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage 

Swedish massage is the most commonly practised massage in the world. Indeed effleurage strokes, muscle kneading and tapping or patting are all techniques most people imagine when picturing a massage. Swedish massage is a vital part of sensual massage practice; as such, all our masseuses are highly trained in this style. Because of this, many of our blogs, Home Page and content pages mention Swedish massage or related techniques. So, let’s look at this style and how it can benefit our health. 

Swedish Massage Technique 

Effleurage – the broad stoking and gliding movements of effleurage generally feature at the beginning and the end of a Swedish massage. The amount of pressure used depends upon the individual’s requirements. In sensual massage, the body glides our masseuses use are essentially the lightest form of effleurage. But, delightfully, your masseuse uses her naked body instead of just the hands and arms. 

Petrissage – The kneading movement you’ll know from having had tight or knotted muscles worked on. It helps to relax tight muscles and increase the blood flow to that area. The majority of your massage session will be Petrissage. 

Tapotement – The chopping movement. This helps to stimulate blood flow to large areas of the body and helps with lymphatic drainage. 

Flexibility – Tight, tense muscles will slowly affect our posture over time if not treated. Regular massage as part of a stretching routine that includes pilates or yoga will increase your range of motion. This, in turn, reduces the risk of injury and improves your posture in both sitting and standing situations. You would undoubtedly benefit from the regular massage if you work long hours at a desk or drive a car regularly. 

Health benefits of Swedish Massage 

Stimulates Blood Flow – Getting blood flow to damaged areas of the body helps to promote healing by transporting vital oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas. 

Boosts Your Serotonin Levels – Swedish massage causes increased serotonin levels in the human body. Serotonin helps manage your mood, stress levels, sleep, digestion and sex drive. 

Relives Tension – The knots that build up in your muscles can be painful and become chronic if not looked after properly. By releasing these knots, massage helps to free the body from pain and allows more holistic healing through better sleep and reduced anxiety. 

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So as you can see, Swedish Massage has many benefits for our mental and physical health. The results can be pretty profound when combined with sensual massage and authentic tantra practices. If you are suffering from muscle tension or other ailments, let our customer concierge team know at the time of booking. This way, they can pass the information on to your masseuse, and she can work to relieve specific problem areas. 



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