At Tantric Collective we offer a range of massage therapies to suit the diverse needs of our valued clientele. Our beautiful tantric masseuses are highly trained in each of the massage therapies they provide, and deliver their therapeutic sensual massages with passion and care.

How To Choose Your Tantric Collective Massage

We want you to have the ideal erotic experience when you book your massage with us. For this reason, we have a variety of massage types to suit all needs. 

If you are feeling unsure of which massage will best suit you, read on to learn more about the therapies we provide. Or if you’re in a hurry, simply call, text or whatsapp us on +44 7563 383410, email us on [email protected], or use our Book Now form. 

Learn More About Our Massage Therapies

All of our massage therapies can be performed naked and use a body-to-body technique, unless you prefer otherwise. 

Please find a brief description of each below. Click on the name of the massage to read more about it, and to see which of our masseuses provide it. 

Tantric Massage 

Our signature tantric massage incorporates body to body techniques and can be performed naked. Your masseuse provides a full body massage, using slow and tantalising massage strokes and caresses, to create a deep state of relaxation. She then works on building and prolonging your arousal levels, using body glides and tantra techniques to create the ultimate indulgence.

Body to Body Massage

Our body to body massage begins with a full body massage, during which your masseuse uses slow and soothing massage strokes combined with sexy body to body glides, to create a highly arousing experience. This massage can be performed naked. 

Naked Massage

Performed nude, our naked massage includes a full body massage with body to body glides to create a sexy and arousing experience. 

Erotic Massage

Our erotic massage is a rejuvenating and energising sexy experience, which incorporates reviving massage techniques to soothe your muscles yet awaken your senses. Your masseuse will expertly build and prolong your arousal with sexy body glides and a massage technique which awakens body and mind. This massage can be offered nude. 

Sensual Massage

A slower paced sexy massage which utilises long, soothing massage strokes, our sensual massage provides deep relaxation. Your masseuse will provide a full body massage, teasing you with gentle body to body caresses. This massage can be offered nude.

Our Additional Massage Therapies

These massages can be added to any of the massages listed above, to provide extra therapeutic and erotic benefits:

Nuru Massage

Our most popular additional therapy, this Japanese form of massage is a full body massage using a botanical gel instead of an oil, to create a very sexy, slippery body to body massage, where you will feel even more tantalised by the masseuse’s body gliding against yours. This massage can be performed nude.

There is an additional charge of £50 if you add Nuru Massage to your experience. 

Aqua Massage

Begin your massage with a sensuous aqua massage experience, where your masseuse will lather you during a full body massage, caressing you under the warm water of a bath or shower. You will then be towelled dry and led to the bed for a full body massage of your choice.

There is an additional charge of £50 if you add Aqua Massage to your experience. 

Four Hands Massage

Double the pleasure and excitement, by booking two masseuses to massage you simultaneously. Our Four Hands Massage is a full body massage experience with body to body glides, during which your two masseuses will expertly massage you in synchronicity, and can be performed naked. You can enjoy this ultimate indulgence simultaneously with any of our other types of massage. 

The charge for this therapy is each masseuse’s usual rate. 

Couple’s Massage

For couples wanting to enjoy a sensuous massage together, our couple’s massage is a full body massage experience with body to body glides, for both of you. It can be performed naked. 

If you are seeing one masseuse, this therapy has an additional charge of £100.

If you are seeing two masseuses, the charge for this therapy is each masseuse’s usual rate. 

Women’s Massage

For our female customers, our women’s massage is a full body massage experience with body to body glides, and can be performed nude. It can be enjoyed with any of our massage therapies above. 

There is no additional charge for this therapy.

Creating The Perfect Massage For You

We want your Tantric Collective experience to be perfect in every way. If you know your preferences, you can inform us and we can tailor-make a massage session especially for you.

Confused Or Have Questions?

It is also normal to be a little confused as to which massage to book, so please ask us any questions you have. Our Customer Concierge is an experienced, friendly team who are used to answering a wide range of queries about tantric massage, so there are no silly questions. 

You can call, text or WhatsApp us on +44 7563 383410, email us on [email protected], or use our Book Now form.