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Tantric Massage is our signature massage therapy, blending the Eastern influences of tantra with the more modern trend for body glides. Under the caring guidance of one of our expert masseuses, indulge yourself in body and mind.

Your Tantric Collective masseuse will guide you on an erotic journey of discovery. Lay back and allow her to work her sensual magic, caressing you with a full body massage, creating wave after wave of arousal. Together you will build an experience of complete physical and mental relaxation and pure indulgent pleasure.

As an expert in tantra, your Tantric Collective therapist will slowly reveal to you the pleasures of this ancient form of erotica. Gently and skilfully creating ever-growing sensual energy, her teasing touch will help you to enjoy greater pleasure for longer.

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What Will Happen During My Tantric Massage Session?

Using high-quality massage oils, you are given a full, naked, body-to-body massage, during which your Tantric Collective therapist works on areas of muscular tension to relax you. 

Although these massage techniques are therapeutic by design, your masseuse is sure to tease and tantalise every part of your body. This is guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate sensual satisfaction.

If you are also interested in the Eastern elements of authentic tantra massage, ask our Customer Concierge team for masseuse recommendations. We have highly skilled authentic tantra therapists who love to weave pranayama breathing techniques and guided meditation into a body to body tantric session. Adding these Eastern tantric practices to your experience can further enhance the blissful relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation you feel after a professional and indulgent Tantric Collective massage. 

Can I Choose Which Masseuse Provides My Massage?

All of our massage therapists are talented tantric masseuses. With a diverse range of beautiful and skilled therapists to choose from, you have many options. So click the photos above to learn more about anyone you are interested in. Or contact us to ask us for further information. We want to create the perfect massage experience for you, so please feel free to share your preferences with us. 

Once you have decided who you want to meet for a sublime London Tantric massage, contact us on +44 7563 383410, or use our Booking Form. We will answer any questions you have, then quickly arrange your time together.

Where In London Can I Get My Tantric Massage?

We cover the most exclusive areas of London for both tantric massage incalls and outcalls. From Mayfair and Marylebone, to Knightsbridge and Kensington. From Canary Wharf and The City, to Notting Hill, Paddington, and many more locations. Wherever you are in Central London, we have a blissful and pampering tantric massage experience ready and waiting for you.

Please use our Locations menu for an exhaustive list of the locations we serve.

What Are The Benefits Of A Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage has long been known for its physical and psychological health benefits. This makes it the perfect antidote to our fast-paced and anxiety-provoking urban lifestyles.

Connecting the sensual with the spiritual is the ideal way to relax body and mind whilst indulging in erotic pleasure completely. Rather than shying away from sensual desires, a Tantric Collective massage honours the individual erotic needs of our clients. This enables you to reconnect with your primal creative energies whilst feeling thoroughly pampered and rejuvenated.

Can I Enjoy Other Types Of Massage With My Tantric Massage?

Yes, you can combine any of our other Tantric Collective therapies with a Tantric Massage session.

Feel free to browse our Massages menu or email us if you have any further queries. We would be happy to help you curate your perfect session.

How Can I Prepare For a Tantric Massage?

All that is required to enjoy your massage is your presence and open-mindedness. Your tantric therapist will guide you on a journey of sensual exploration. So you don’t need to do anything, or to prepare, in order to enjoy your experience entirely.

However if you want to know what to expect, you may find it beneficial to look at our Terms of Enjoyment. Here you will find more information about the practicalities of booking and attending an appointment. You can also ask us any questions you may have prior to your booking. We want to ensure you have maximum pleasure and relaxation during your Tantric Collective massage, so feel free to discuss any concerns with us prior to your booking. 

The Origins Of Tantric Massage

The word ‘Tantra’ comes from India, and the practice itself is thousands of years old. When translated, it means ‘woven together’, which is an excellent way to picture tantric massage. The goal of tantric practice is to combine the physical and spiritual senses. In its most authentic forms, tantric massage can, but does not always, include breath work, meditation and yoga. These and other elements combine to take the recipient on a sensual journey.

If you want to learn more about Tantra and Tantric Sex, check out this Web MD Post.

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