Brazilian Massage in London

Brazilian Massage in London is here to stay. If you’re a regular visitor to Tantric Collective, you will have noticed that many of our Stunning Masseuses are Brazilian ladies. This is true throughout the London massage scene, and it got us wondering.

  • Why is Tantric and Sensual massage so popular in Brazil?
  • What about the Brazilian culture makes these masseuses so in tune with tantric bodywork?
  • What Training Is Available In Brazil For Those Looking To Learn Tantra?

This article delves into the reasons behind the popularity of sensual massage with Brazilians and explores the transformative principles of the Deva Nishok Method.

A full list of references and resources can be found at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy! Maya xxx

Understanding the Deva Nishok Method

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The Deva Nishok Method, born from extensive research and a profound understanding of Tantra, offers a holistic approach that transcends conventional tantric practices. This method aims to liberate individuals from their formative organic electricity and facilitates a profound, transformative relaxation by engaging all senses and promoting an expanded state of awareness.

Why Is Tantra Important In The Modern World?

London life can feel hectic. Whilst many of us thrive on this energy, it can take its toll over time. Our society's penchant for immediacy has notably infiltrated our sexual experiences, often diminishing the depth and quality of our connections. This trend towards rapid gratification compromises the intensity of pleasure and the fundamental connection with our partners. Deva Nishok's insights reveal how this acceleration has led to a significant loss in the richness of human sexuality, emphasising the importance of a more profound, sensory-based exploration.

How Does Brazilian Massage Using The Deva Nishok Method Feel?

Practitioners trained under the Deva Nishok Institute in Brazil bring to London a unique set of skills that awaken bioelectric sensory aspects in the body. Through natural body chemistry and sensual glides, touches and caresses, they induce intense and pleasurable reactions that awake the energy in your body cells and tissue. This creates a more profound, meditative relaxation experience and can play a key role in cell regeneration.

What Makes Brazilian Massage in London So Exceptional?

Incorporating the Deva Nishok Method into Brazilian Massage provides a counterpoint to the societal trend of haste, offering an experience emphasising slow, deliberate exploration of pleasure. This method challenges the conventional prioritisation of quick fixes, advocating for a deeper, more meaningful approach that can lead to sustained pleasure and deeper connections.

Brazil has always been a very body-positive culture. The country’s 18,000 health clubs, government-installed outdoor exercise equipment and beach culture all support the Brazilian love of wellness and the body's beauty.

This culture of comfort and pride in one’s body could naturally lend itself to a masseuse being more in tune and knowledgeable around others in need of emotional or physical support.

Massage In Brazil is Highly Personalised

Every Brazilian massage session is personalised, considering each individual's unique needs and conditions. This bespoke approach ensures that the relaxation and therapeutic benefits are maximised, resonating on a personal level and fostering a deeper connection with oneself and one's partner.

Tantric Training in Brazil

Several excellent training programs are available for those studying tantra and tantric massage.

Hakima Tantrika

Hakima Tantrika is a renowned tantra teacher with over a decade of experience embodying and teaching tantra's essence globally. Her journey has taken her from Asia to South America, where she dedicated herself to studying tantric cosmo-vision under some of the world's most esteemed tantra instructors. Beyond her expertise in tantra, Hakima is also a skilled intimacy, love, and relationship coach, having trained with prestigious institutions like the Gottman Institute and the Non-Violent Communication Institute. A focus on trauma release further enhances her coaching, and she is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

As a writer, influencer, and educator, Hakima has shared her vast knowledge through a popular blog, attracting nearly 2 million visitors and 11K followers. Her expertise has also made her a sought-after copywriter for clients worldwide. Fluent in French, English, Japanese, and Spanish, her multilingual skills enable her to connect with a diverse audience, enriching her teaching and coaching practices. Hakima Tantrika stands out for her unique understanding of the human psyche, body, and sexuality, making her a leading figure in her field.

Tantra Training With Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are internationally acclaimed meditation and tantra teachers with over 30 years of experience. They have facilitated workshops and trainings worldwide, impacting thousands across various demographics with their teachings. Renowned for their simplicity and profound ability to convey teachings through words and their presence, they have a unique connection with their students.

Their journey began after meeting the Indian mystic Osho in the early 80s, leading to a deep friendship that nurtured their individual growth while keeping their collaborative work vibrant. Trained by world-class therapists and teachers, they have explored and facilitated diverse processes, including chakra work, energy reading, past life regressions, esoteric sciences, and, notably, integrating meditation and present moment awareness into sexuality and intimacy.

Homa and Mukto's distinctive approach has been shared in over 30 countries through major growth centres and tantra festivals, making appearances on radio and TV. Their legacy includes training a new generation of facilitators to infuse the world with more love. They reside in Brazil at Osheanic International, a key location for their annual Tantra Trainings, continuing to enrich the lives of many through their dedicated work.

Conclusion: The Transformative Power of Brazilian Massage in London

In conclusion, the practice of Brazilian Massage in London, particularly through the transformative Deva Nishok Method, is a beacon of body positivity and a profound exploration of pleasure. This unique approach, deeply rooted in Brazilian culture's embrace of wellness and body beauty, offers a sanctuary from the rapid pace of modern life, emphasising a deeper, sensory-based journey into intimacy and connection.

We've explored the reasons behind the popularity of tantric and sensual massage among Brazilians, highlighting the importance of tantra in today’s fast-paced world. The Deva Nishok Method, with its holistic approach, provides an antidote to the societal rush, fostering deeper connections and enriching the human experience. Practitioners trained in this method bring unmatched skills to London, offering personalised sessions that promise intense pleasure and emotional and physical rejuvenation.

The prominence of tantra training in Brazil, as embodied by esteemed teachers like Hakima Tantrika and the duo Homa & Mukto, underscores the rich educational framework. Their experiences and teachings illuminate the path for practitioners and those seeking to explore the depths of their sensuality and spirituality.

Brazilian Massage in London, enriched by the Deva Nishok Method, is not just a massage; it's a journey into self-awareness, intimacy, and celebrating life's pleasures. As we've seen through the experiences of Hakima Tantrika and Homa & Mukto, tantra offers a profound understanding of the human condition, inviting us all to a more connected, vibrant, and sensual life.

May this exploration inspire you to delve deeper into the wonders of tantra and Brazilian Massage, inviting a richer, more connected experience into your life and relationships. Remember, in tantra, every touch is a discovery, and every breath is a step closer to bliss. Enjoy the journey. Maya xxx

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