Pure Tantra – The Ultimate Tantric Massage Experience

The Tantric Massage industry in London is expanding all the time. What was once a niche sector is becoming mainstream and with that comes more agencies, masseuses and therapies. So with all these choices, how can you ensure the experience you’re getting is authentic? A Pure Tantra experience is surprisingly hard to find. Our blog today is here to help you book an authentic tantric massage experience and know how to separate the best from the rest.

What is Pure Tantra?

Pure Tantra is the authentic massage experience as it was initially intended. Much more than  simply an erotic massage, this therapy involves the following steps:

Not all of our therapies use these ideas, but if you desire an authentic tantric experience, you should include at least some of them in your session. Preparing your energy to receive the massage has significant benefits. Practising mindfulness with Pranayama Breathwork at the start of your session will free your mind from the outside world. Allowing you to be at peace and ready to receive the gift of the massage.

At the end of your session, your masseuse can cradle your heart chakra to allow love, joy and compassion to flow through your body. She will lay beside you and put her hands across your heart, which always leaves our clients feeling a sense of deep bliss.

How Can I Make the Most Of My Massage?

You can do a few things to make the most of your massage. Practising meditation at home will better control your thoughts and find the inner peace that creates the perfect starting point for your massage. The same goes for practising breathwork, mindfulness and understanding the chakras.

Tantric Yoga can also benefit you in your quest for a profound sensual experience. Keep an eye out for future blogs that will dive deeply into this practice and how you can use out for greater pleasure in your sex life.

Even simple gestures can have significant effects on the way your experience feels. Taking a shower before and after your massage isn’t just polite. This cleaning ritual helps to prepare the body and mind for the path they are about to set out on. After your massage, refreshing yourself in the shower washes away the massage oil and gives you another moment of loving kindness before you step back into the world.

You will feel refreshed, renewed and deeply satisfied.

Tantric Massage vs Erotic Massage

This paragraph is a precursor to a new series of blogs comparing and contrasting our primary therapies against one another. I will weigh up the pros and cons (if any!) of each and hopefully give you the knowledge to pick the perfect therapy for you every time.

The critical difference between tantric massage and erotic massage is the Pure Tantra element. Erotic massage with Tantric Collective is a tantalising and sensual massage service but deliberately misses out on the more spiritual elements of tantra. 

This allows you to choose the massage you desire on any given day. Sometimes we need spiritual guidance. Sometimes we just need to get naked with a beautiful masseuse and want to skip the breathwork. You decide!

How Can I Ensure I Book a Pure Tantric Massage Therapy?

Booking a pure tantric massage experience with us couldn’t be simpler. As I have stated already, the key elements to be aware of are mindfulness, breathwork and the chakras. To be sure these elects are included in your massage, make sure you request an authentic tantric massage from our concierge at the time of booking.

This way, they can recommend a masseuse who specialises in pure tantra and pass on any other requests you may have.

Book Today with Tantric Collective

So give us a call today and experience the power of a pure tantric massage. Our concierge is available between 9am and late seven days a week, and you can email, text or WhatsApp anytime.

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