Is Tantric Massage Legal?

Yes, Tantric Massage is Legal in London and the rest of the United Kingdom, if provided by a company who conduct their business in a legal manner.

Tantric Collective is a legal business, adhering to UK law.

But how to spot whether an agency is a legally run business, and what differentiates legal agencies from ones running an illegal operation?

This article will give you all the information you need to book an enjoyable, legal and safe sensual massage experience. To bring you this information, we have consulted with legal experts, researched UK law, and drawn on our many years of experience in the industry. 

(Originally published in 2023, we have recently updated this blog to ensure it still imparts accurate information.)

Definition of Tantric Massage

Before we start, we must be clear on what does and, more importantly, does not happen during a tantric massage. A Tantric Massage is a naked, full-body massage. Tantric Massage providers like ourselves are not escort agencies, and can’t arrange sexual services for you.

Where Should The Massage Take Place?

Our masseuses work from private luxurious premises that they rent or own themselves. As a legally run massage agency, we collaborate with, but never employ, our massage therapists. This means that the masseuses are self employed, taking charge of their own workplace rent/ mortgage, and bills.

As an elite tantric massage provider, we advise on maintaining luxurious standards and make sure of a high quality customer experience, which means our Tantric Collective incall locations are upmarket, private and discreet, so that you can visit with total anonymity. However we do not own or rent the incall locations ourselves, which guarantees that each Tantric Collective incall location is for the sole use of the masseuse you have booked, and you as her client; and that the apartment is operated by her as a self employed therapist.

By contrast, a massage parlour or agency-controlled premises often have multiple masseuses, clients and reception or management staff present simultaneously. This practice is neither legal nor in line with an elite and indulgent Tantric Massage experience.

Top Tip- asking a massage agency whether they operate from one or multiple locations is a great way to spot if the company is operating legally.

Legal Status of Tantric Massage in the UK

The UK law does not explicitly address “Tantric Massage”, as it is not an illegal activity.

However if you want to be sure that a tantric massage provider is fully adhering to the law, you can read up on the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

When researching massage providers, watch out for details that could be interpreted as breaking the law. A business could be considered to be Brothel Keeping if they manage or own the premises where the massage occurs. This area is where many massage parlours can fall foul of the law and is an excellent reason to book through a reputable agency like Tantric Collective.

And whilst exchanging sex for money is not illegal in the UK, a third party soliciting for sex is illegal. So look out for massage agencies who are offering to book ‘extra’ sexual services for you, as these businesses are operating outside the law. Though it should be noted that, in such an instance, it is only they, and not you, are breaking the law.

A Solicitor’s Take on the Legality of Tantric Massage in the UK

Quote from Ben Jones – Solicitor

“A criminal offence would be committed if someone runs a brothel under the pretence of a massage parlour. It would also become a criminal offence to touch somebody sexually or perform a sexual act without their consent.

So it is legal to book an erotic massage as long as you are a consenting adult. Any issues with running the premises as a brothel, under the pretence of it just being a massage parlour, is illegal for the people who run the business, rather than for the customer.”

Click here to read Ben Jones’s Profile on ‘JustAnswer’

So to summarise, Tantric Collective can only book the therapies you see on this website. We do not offer or promote services. This guarantees you a genuine tantric massage encounter with a self employed professional masseuse, who is working in a non-coercive, safe, and supported way.

Is Outcall Tantric Massage Legal?

An outcall is where a masseuse visits you at your home or hotel. This is completely legal in London and throughout the UK.

So rest assured that you are not breaking any law in enjoying a tantric massage for outcall.

Nevertheless you may wish to ensure that the masseuse’s arrival is discreet, which is something we appreciate and ensure.

All of the Tantric Collective masseuses are discreet, professional and punctual. They will arrive stylishly dressed and blend effortlessly into the most upmarket surroundings. When you book an elite outcall massage with us, you can relax knowing you will soon be in the hands of the finest masseuses in London.

Do The Masseuses Offer Sexual Services?

If an agency is answering yes to this question, or making arrangements between client and masseuse for sexual services, they are breaking the law, and very likely taking additional money from the masseuse for these services too. Sadly this tends to go hand in hand with controlling and coercive tactics, which may also mean that the masseuse you meet is less contented in her work or not a true masseuse with a passion for the erotic arts of tantra. A masseuse’s decision about how intimate to get with her client should not be being made by a third party who will profit from extra services.

Tantric Collective never arrange or profit from sexual services.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A tantric massage company is no different to other types of businesses, in that we must adhere to General Data Protection Regulation laws.

We also understand that, as a sensual service, our customers want an extra guarantee of privacy and discretion.

This is why all names, phone numbers, email addresses and booking forms are deleted from our system as soon as your booking has happened, so that your details will not be stored.

We do not gather data, share data, or contact you with promotional material.

Any trustworthy agency operating legally in London will have a similar policy. Please review our Terms of Enjoyment for more information on GDPR, Legal Matters, Fees, Privacy and more.

Boundary Setting and Professionalism

Before your session begins, your masseuse will give you a quick consultation to ensure she is aware of your boundaries and any physical issues you have that need special care or attention. This is the perfect time to ask her questions and to clarify what you can and cannot do during the session.

Top Tip – So that you know what to expect and can arrive relaxed and confident, you can also ask Customer Concierge any questions you have, in advance of your booking.

Is Tantric Massage Legal? – Conclusion

So to conclude, Tantric Massage is legal in London, and Tantric Collective is a legally operating business that adheres to UK law.

If you have any questions about any of the points mentioned in the blog, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Concierge is available between 9am and midnight by phone, text, WhatsApp or via our Book Now form.