Post-Exercise Toxins and Tantric Massage

If you’re reading this blog post you are probably already familiar with the sensual pleasure tantric massage can provide. Less well known is the physical relief our masseuses can provide for bodies used to working hard in the gym. Overworked muscles store lactic acid which is the primary source of a sore body after intense exercise. You can use cool down routines or active stretching to release the lactic but why stop there. Read on to learn how you can release toxins with tantric massage.

Swedish Massage Techniques

All of the Tantric Collective erotic massage therapists have backgrounds in Swedish or other forms of therapeutic massage. Swedish massage is the most commonly practised massage therapy in the world. The technique involves long flowing strokes combined with chopping motions. Any high-end tantric massage will include some of these methods towards the start of the session. This will remove the toxins from your tight muscles and relax your body for the erotic adventure you are about to embark on. 

Physical and Mental relaxation 

Stress is now well known to have negative physical ramifications on one’s body. Exercise plays a huge role in releasing this tension but you also need to nourish your mind. Tantric massage builds and nourishes one’s libido to create renewed energy and clarity of thought. If you’ve worked all day and then hit a hard workout in the evening the perfect way to unwind is with tantric massage. Allow your stunning masseuse to work your tight muscles free before using her stunning body to glide against your own. Imagine the Effleurage motions from Swedish massage but using her naked, oiled body instead of just her hands. The sensual energy this builds is significant but our erotic therapists are experts at keeping you riding the crest of the wave. 

You will walk away from your massage feeling relaxed and focused. Ready to rest before hitting it hard again tomorrow. In the fast-paced modern world, tantric massage provides the ultimate full-body release. 

Stunning and Highly Skilled Tantric Massage Therapists 

Now we’ve learnt a little more about how tantric massage can release toxins and improve your health let’s get to the fun part. Take a look through our gallery of stunning erotic masseuses. Our therapists have travelled to London from all over the world to provide the ultimate tantric massage in the city. Read the profiles to learn more about each masseuse’s background and vital statistics. If you have any questions our tantric massage London concierge team will be happy to help. If you’d like any guidance they know all of our masseuse’s personalities and can happily recommend someone you’ll match with. 

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So get in touch with Tantric Collective London today to see how regular tantric massage can give your body a whole new lease of life. Foam rolling may be effective but tantric massage is considerably more fun!