Tantric Massage Statistics - Key Trends and Analysis 

The massage therapy market has seen significant growth and transformation in recent years. For today's blog, I wanted to take a deep dive into these statistics and see how we could use them to provide information and explain changes in the Tantric Massage side of the overall massage industry.

These statistics are from the 2023 American Massage Therapy Association study. It’s a goldmine for people wanting to learn more about the massage industry, and I highly recommend it if you’re interested In learning more about the wider massage sector.

I love a good stat and I confess I found this study a little more enjoyable than I probably should have! It’s not directly looking at Tantric Massage but the figures are certainly relevant and in some areas very applicable to our niche. I’ve taken each section and tried to explain how it relates to erotic massage and what it means for our sector. Enjoy the blog.

Maya xxx


The AMTA Study Of The Massage Therapy Market

According to the AMTA’s 2023 Massage Profession Research Report, several key trends are shaping today's massage landscape.

Gender and Income Demographics:

- Men: 65% have received a massage.

- Women: 55% have received a massage.

- Income Levels: 18% of individuals with less than $50K income, 28% with $50K-$100K, and   43% with more than $100K income have received massages.

Family Influence:

- Consumers with children: 36% are more likely to get a massage.

- Consumers without children: 64% are likely to get a massage.

What Do These Statistics Mean For The Tantric Massage Sector?

Understanding who is getting massages and their preferences can provide valuable insights into our potential clientele as a tantric massage agency. As the data shows, we need to appeal to professional men and women who are happy to play for a luxury service such as tantric massage.

Our own experience at Tantric Collective backs this up. While our clientele is predominantly male, they tend to be high-value individuals who visit London on business. We also get many female clients wanting to book women's tantric massages.

Where Do Massages Commonly Take Place?

Massage therapists practice in diverse settings. Here at Tantric Collective, the options aren’t quite so widespread. We offer incalls from the masseuse's own private apartments or outcalls to a hotel or residence. Here is the full list looking into where massages are taking place according to there study.

- Client’s Home: 46%

- Therapist’s Office: 19%

- Therapist’s Home: 9%

- Spa or Salon: 28%

- Client’s Workplace: 6%

- Chiropractic Office or Integrated Health Care Clinic: 5%

- Massage Therapy Franchise or Chain: 4%

- Health Club or Athletic Facility: 4%

- Hospital/Medical Office or Clinic: 37%

- Hotel/Resort/Cruise: 12%

Experience Levels of Masseuses 

This is an interesting one as in our sector, this could almost be flipped on its head. Glancing through our tantric masseuses page I would say 3-5 years is probably the most common amount of experience for a masseuse. We certainly have ladies that fit into every category though.

- 1-2 Years: 2.6%

- 3-5 Years: 10.3%

- 6-8 Years: 23.1%

- 9-11 Years: 28.2%

- Over 11 Years: 35.9%

Health and Wellness Are The Key Reasons People Get Massages

Health and wellness have become primary reasons for individuals seeking massage therapy, which is highly relevant to tantric massage. Generally speaking, clients seek relaxation, reduced stiffness and pure pampering instead of acute pain management or injury recovery.

Sensual massage's relaxing and enjoyable aspects fit perfectly into this trend, as clients seek pleasure and comfort over physical performance gains. Light therapeutic massage strokes combined with sensual body glides and other tantric touches seem to be the perfect recipe for reduced muscle stiffness, mental relaxation, and physical pleasure.

Reasons People Get Massages:

- Health or Wellness: 48%

- Pain Relief or Pain Management: 30%

- Soreness/Stiffness/Spasm: 60%

- Relaxation/Stress Reduction: 47%

- Pampering/Special Occasion/Just to Feel Good: 34%

- Sports Conditioning: 16%

- Chronic Pain Relief/Management: 30%

- Injury Recovery/Rehabilitation: 10%

- Keep Fit/Healthy/Wellness: 9%

- Control Headaches/Migraines: 8%

- Pregnancy/Prenatal: 6%

- Acute Pain Relief/Management: 3%

How Are Clients Finding Massage Therapists?

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for attracting clients to tantric massage. I’m not sure I’ll be turning out at any community events anytime soon, but a few of these did stand out.

How Clients Find Therapists:

This is an interesting one for me. We are always looking for new ways to promote Tantric Collective London and bring about positive change in the London Tantric Massage industry.

Social media, client referrals, websites and online locator services such as Google Maps are hugely relevant to tantric massage. We put great work into these areas and will continue to do so as passionate providers of elite sensual massage.

- Community/Local Events: 89%

- Online Locator Service: 58%

- Employer Promotion: 49%

- Internet/Website: 31%

- Professional Networking: 43%

- Referrals by Clients: 39%

- Social Media: 34%

What Does This Mean for the Tantric Massage Industry?

The AMTA’s 2023 Massage Profession Research Report data presents several positive impacts and opportunities for the tantric massage industry. Here is a round-up of the key statistics and what they mean for our sector.

1. Increased Demand for Wellness Services:

   - With 48% of consumers seeking massages for health and wellness reasons, tantric massage, and it’s focus on holistic well-being, can potentially attract a significant portion of this market.

2. Opportunities in High-Income Segments:

   - The higher the household income, the more likely individuals are to get massages. Tantric massage practitioners can target marketing efforts towards higher income groups (43% for incomes >$100K), who are more inclined to invest in premium and specialised massage services. This is certainly backed up by our regular clients who tend to be professional business people. We only provide outcalls to 4 or 5 star hotels in London which further supports this high income statistic.

3. Emphasis on Health Benefits:

   - With a growing number of people seeking massages for mild health issues such as stiffness but with a focus on relaxation and indulgence we are well placed to provide and answer. Tantric massage can be a therapeutic option that addresses both physical and emotional well-being and satisfies the sensual desires that we all need to indulge from time to time.

4. Diversified Practice Settings:

   - The diverse settings where massage therapists work (homes, offices, spas, healthcare facilities) provide multiple avenues for tantric massage practitioners to offer their services. This flexibility can help reach a broader clientele.

5. Digital Marketing and Online Presence:

   - As 58% of clients find therapists through online locator services and 34% through social media, establishing a robust online presence is crucial. Tantric massage practitioners can leverage digital marketing to attract and retain clients.

6. Referrals and Professional Networking:

   - With 39% of clients finding therapists through referrals, we can see that customer service is crucial. We always ask our clients for feedback after their session and use this information to better inform our approaches and maintain standards.

Tantric Massage Statistics - Final Thoughts 

The data backs up what we see daily here as a top agency in London. Both male and female high earners want to indulge themselves and don’t mind paying a premium for it. As an agency, we need to stay on top of our customer service and make the experience as high-end as the hotels, restaurants, and transportation that they use in their busy lives.

Masseuses should have a background in therapeutic massage to support the health benefits customers are looking for but they are right to focus on sensuality, personality and tantra. These elements will give the clients the satisfaction and mental relaxation they seek.


- AMTA’s 2023 Massage Profession Research Report