Authentic Tantra – A Holistic Approach to Erotic Massage

Ancient spiritual practice or modern, sexy massage? We know most of our clients don’t want to spend the first hour of each session meditating. So, how can we incorporate the traditions of Tantra with the modern desire for a sensual but authentic tantric massage experience? 

The Not-So-Ancient Origins of Tantric Massage 

Authentic Tantra and Tantric Massage are not the same things. Tantric massage as we know it these days hasn’t been around very long. The massage style was developed in Berlin in the late 1970s. The focus was on self-awareness and discovery through a voyage of sensuality. The receiver of the massage is passive throughout the process. They should be able to receive the massage without the desire to reciprocate. The masseuse will feel no need to receive this pleasure. During the massage, she will manipulate the body’s energy to promote inner healing for both body and mind. 


Tantra is a broad term referring to the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism developed around 1500ad. Sometimes thought to be a specific term, Tantra is actually a selection of methods from various spiritual practices. Some of these include mantras, yoga practice, Indian philosophy and multiple deities. Most Westerners recognise the focus on internal sexual energy in the yoga practice. This is where traditional tantra begins to cross over with ‘Neo Tantra’, where the focus is predominantly on sexual energy.  

Bodywork Resources 

Where can we learn more about authentic Tantra and holistic bodywork practices? Here at Tantric Collective, we fall into the ‘neo tantric’ movement. We do however offer a genuine tantric massage experience through some of our masseuses. Our most experienced therapists artfully combine elements of traditional tantra with modern-day body glides and sensuality.  Check out our friends at Traditional Bodywork if you’re looking to learn more about Tantra and holistic bodywork. 

Their vast selection of ebooks makes a fantastic resource for any budding tantric practitioner. A small selection of their book titles include:

Male Enhancement Practices – A ‘how to’ guide on improving sexual performance. 

Yoni Egg Applications – The essential guide to Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite gemstones 

Lingham Massage – A free Ebook with everything you need to know

Sensual Erotic Massage – Full reference guide

Yoni Massage – Everything you need to know

These books will undoubtedly appeal to professional masseuses looking to increase their skill set. They also make essential background reading for any authentic tantra client who considers themselves a true connoisseur of the art form. Traditional Bodywork also offers tantric massage video workshops, so however you like to learn, they have an option for you. 

What Does an Authentic Tantra Massage Involve? 

The first key difference you’ll notice is the session opening with breath-work or meditation as opposed to a quick shower and the massage commencing. Your authentic tantra masseuse will guide you by holding various chakras on your body as you touch hers in return. There are 22 in total, and the aim is to restore balance to your body and mind before the massage begins. Once undressed, your masseuse will use traditional massage styles such as effleurage with sensual body glides to release tension and improve circulation. 

Check out the Tantric Collective masseuse gallery to learn more about our therapists. The more experienced masseuses can be your guide to an authentic tantric experience. If you’ve experienced erotic massage before, this could change how you see the service. Once you’ve experienced the deep spiritual calm an authentic massage can bring, you may never want to feel anything else. Regular clients have become experts at seeking out authentic experiences with our therapists. A sexy massage with a beautiful therapist is always enjoyable, but sometimes we all crave something more profound. Book an authentic massage today with Tantric Collective if this sounds like you. 

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