Control Your Libido With Erotic Massage 

There are no two ways about it. London life is busy. Early alarm, rush hour tube, down an espresso and into the office. You’ve not even started work yet, and the day is already hectic. Fast food, 24-hour gyms, the express train to the airport and the red-eye flight. Combine this with some of the most extended working hours in Europe, and it’s no surprise people seek a release. Tantric Massage is the ideal tonic for this hectic lifestyle, but getting your mindset right beforehand will transform the experience. 

Calm your mind to explore your body

Improving your libido and gaining control of your arousal levels may have physical implications, but it starts in the mind. Many adults have deep-set behaviour patterns that they will repeat again and again. This often results in a negative feedback spiral that is hard to break out of. Loss of arousal and also a lack of enthusiasm for sex are common issues in busy working adults. By adopting meditation, you can begin to unpick these negative behaviours and control your libido. Starting an erotic massage with mediation or breath work can significantly affect the end result. You can better embrace sensation by calming the mind without a goal-orientated attitude.

So much of life is about hitting targets that this can work its way into our sex lives. The tantric element of Tantric Massage is about awareness and control. The better you can remove a finish line from your experience, the more you can ride the waves of pleasure and delve deeper into your sensuality.

In Practice

Try this exercise before your next erotic massage in London. 

Sitting opposite your partner, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Inhale and watch your breath fill your lungs. 

Exhale and feel the breath move out of your body

Repeat this process ten times 

If outside thoughts try to enter your mind during the exercise, simply notice them and carry on watching your breath. Do not fight these thoughts or judge yourself for having them. The more you practice, the more you will be able to still your mind. 

During the erotic massage, always keep this stillness of thought in mind. As the recipient of the massage, you must remain entirely passive throughout. It is an exchange of energy. The masseuse will give her power to you without any thought for reciprocation, and you should receive the energy similarly. Breath, find the stillness of thinking and allow the sensations to wash over you. 

London Incalls – The perfect place to explore your libido with Erotic Massage 

What does the ideal environment look like for exploring one’s libido through tantric massage? Tantric Collective masseuses can be found in high-quality apartments in the finest neighbourhoods. The furnishings should be plush, the bathroom modern and the greeting warm. Once showered, you will be guided to the massage bed, where your masseuses will begin getting to know your body. To lay passive and allow yourself to be touched is quite an alien experience to many adults, but the benefits are enormous. Allow her expert hands to caress away your cares. Giving yourself over to the experience without any expectation will allow your body to forget previous experiences and focus only on the now. 

Want to learn more about mindfulness and methods to control your headspace? Check out ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. 

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