Erotic Foot Massage – Sensuality and the Sole

Erotic Foot massage can be a sensual and intimate experience for you and your partner. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect and set aside time to be intimate. The benefits include:

  • Whole body healing (not just the feet!)
  • Increased Intimacy and libido
  • Deceased stress 
  • Quality time with your partner

Today’s Tantric Collective blog will discuss how to give an erotic foot massage to spice up your bedroom routine. This will include setting the scene, massage technique and aftercare. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Understand Your Pressure Points with Reflexology 

Reflexology uses reflex points on the feet to affect different organs and systems in the body. By stimulating these points through massage, you can help to promote relaxation, balance, and healing throughout the body.

There are many different reflex points on the feet, each corresponding to a specific body area. For example, the reflex point for the liver is located on the right foot, just below the ribcage, while the reflex point for the heart is located on the left foot, just below the ball of the foot. 

Check Out This Handy Infographic:

When performing an erotic foot massage, remember your partner’s needs. Do they suffer from migraines, back problems or a stiff neck? With the infographic above, you can quickly check which part of the foot corresponds to these areas. Generally, you will want to apply slightly more pressure to points corresponding to areas where your partner is experiencing tension or discomfort.

To stimulate a reflex point, use your thumb or index finger to apply firm, circular pressure to the area for a few seconds and then release. You can also use a rolling or back-and-forth motion to stimulate the reflex point.

Common Reflex Points

  • The solar plexus reflex is located in the middle of the foot, just below the ball and is associated with stress and anxiety.
  • The adrenal gland reflex is located on the inside of the foot. It is associated with the body’s stress response.
  • The pituitary gland reflex point is on the big toe and deals with hormone regulation.
  • The thyroid gland reflex is on the ball of the big toe and is associated with metabolism and energy levels.
  • The kidney reflex is located on the sole, in the middle of the foot, and deals with detoxification and fluid balance. Great if you overdid things the night before! 

Understanding these essential elements of reflexology will help you target specific issues your partner has in his or her body. Memorise a few points from the chart, and get ready to stun with your newfound knowledge! 

Preparing for Your Erotic Foot Massage

The overarching aim of an erotic massage experience is relaxation and sensuality. With that in mind, you must prepare the environment to avoid distractions once you begin the session. 

Gathering Materials – A Checklist:

  • Massage oil or lotion
  • A double bed covers with fresh towels
  • Pillows and extra towels for positioning
  • A small bowl of warm water and a soft cloth 
  • Scented candles
  • Music and a speaker (no tinny phone speakers, please)

Setting the Atmosphere

  • Lighting – Create a sensual ambience with candles or dimmed lights. If you’re using candles, consider a brand such as Diptyque. Diptyque candles are an excellent option for setting the mood as they come in various sensual scents such as Figuier, Baies, and Ambre. Set them safely, well away from the bed or any curtains. It’s easy to forget the naked flame when you have a naked body to massage! 
  • Cleanliness – For everyone’s benefit, you should ensure the feet are well-groomed and clean before the massage. Our masseuses are total pros, even when faced with absolute horror stories. Everyone appreciates a bit of grooming, so consider soaking and washing your partner’s feet before you begin. Why not run your partner a bath so they can bathe and relax while you set the room up? 
  • Music – A soundtrack that features soft, ambient tones creates a beautiful background for your session. This can help cover up outside noise and add to the womb-like environment you started with the lighting. Here’s an example that we might use in our massage sessions:
  • Temperature – Put yourself in the other person’s body. They will be undressed and passive throughout the massage, so the room must be warm. Aim for between 23 and 25 degrees centigrade. This should feel quite warm to you but just right for them. 
  • Towels and Bedding – Cover fresh bed sheets with a thick layer of your best towels. This will protect the bedding but give your partner a luxurious setting to lay back and relax in. No creaky massage beds or plastic sheets, please! 

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts widely used in aromatherapy for their therapeutic properties. When used for erotic foot massage, they enhance the experience by providing additional benefits to the body and mind.

Here are some essential oils that we love to use for our sensual foot massage sessions:

  • Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil has a cooling effect on the skin and can help to relieve soreness and fatigue in the feet. It also has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Handy if you skipped the step about washing the feet first! To use peppermint oil in a foot massage, mix a few drops with a carrier oil, such as coconut or sweet almond oil, and apply them to your hands before massaging your partner’s feet. This idea of the essential oil combined with a carrier oil applies to all essential oils. They are very concentrated, so don’t try to use only the essential oil. It will get quite overpowering and also very expensive! 
  • Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is known for its calming and relaxing properties. This makes it the perfect choice if your partner is stressed or anxious. Lavender oil also helps soothe sore muscles and promotes better sleep.
  • Eucalyptus Oil – Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing and invigorating scent. It is excellent for promoting circulation and relieving foot pain and inflammation. It can also help to clear congestion and improve respiratory function.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Like Peppermint Oil, Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This makes it an excellent choice if your partner is prone to foot infections or skin irritations. It can also help to soothe sore muscles and promote overall healing.
Tips for Using Essential Oils

When using essential oils in a foot massage, it’s important to dilute them properly with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation. You can also use a diffuser to disperse the essential oils in the air, creating a more relaxing and therapeutic environment for your partner.

Whilst all the oils mentioned have specific properties, let your partner guide you. The scent that they find most appealing will often lead to the best massage. Sensuality starts in the mind, so don’t be so guided by the science that you steer them away from the oil that they find most appealing. 

How to Get Ready For an Erotic Foot Massage

Foot Soaking and Relaxation

To begin the massage, have your partner sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a bed or couch. Start by washing their feet with warm water and soap to remove dirt or sweat. You can incorporate Epsom Salts or essential oils in the water for additional benefit here. Spend approximately ten minutes gently washing and massaging the feet. This sets the tone for the rest of your session. Dry their feet thoroughly with a warm towel and invite them to lay back on the bed. You could even share a bath at this stage. Our expert masseuses report that Aqua Massage is the perfect way to build intimacy and establish a connection before the massage begins.

Massage Techniques

Before we get specific, let’s look at the basic strokes taken from Swedish Massage that feature in almost every form of therapy. 

  • Effleurage – Long, smooth strokes with palms and fingers
  • Petrissage – Kneading and squeezing motions
  • Tapotement – Tapping or chopping motions
  • Friction

Specific Foot Massage Techniques

  • Ankle rotations – Gently rotate the ankle in both directions
  • Arch massage – Using thumbs and fingers to apply pressure, kneading the arch (Petrissage), and moving a thumb or palm across the entire length of the tendon. (Effleurage) 
  • Toe massage –  This involves squeezing and pulling each toe as well as stretching them apart from each other using the fingers. 
  • Ball and heel massage – apply pressure to these areas with your palms and fingers and move in circular motions. 

Sensual Touches for an Erotic Foot Massage 

  • Feather-light strokes
  • Using fingertips along the foot and ankle
  • Teasing – be aware of your body position and accentuate the view for your partner
  • Gentle tickling or light nibbling
  • Incorporating other body parts to transition into a full-body sensual massage
  • Soft kisses or breath on the feet
  • Using the forearms or chest for pressure

How To Give an Erotic Foot Massage

Begin the massage by applying gentle pressure to the sole with your thumbs. Pay special attention to the ball of their foot and arch while working from the heel towards their toes. These areas tend to hold tension. Use your fingers and thumbs for kneading and squeezing the muscles but be careful not to apply too much pressure.

Incorporate reflexology techniques by applying pressure to specific points on their feet. Use the chart above to guide you. Use circular motions with your thumbs to stimulate each point for several seconds before moving on to the next one. 

Pay attention to your partner as you work. Notice the points that give them the most pleasure and focus your energy here. Bring their foot into your chest or groin to establish intimacy and kiss their lower leg and foot. The action is quite submissive and will represent a significant role reversal to many couples as the man kneels to pleasure and serve the woman. Continue to massage and kiss her toes and feet using your breath to provide a playful hot/cold sensation. 

Finish the massage by gently massaging their ankles and lower legs, moving your way towards their knees. Cover their feet with a warm towel and let them rest for a few minutes while they enjoy the sensation of the massage or continue to work up their body for a full erotic massage

Aftercare and Communication

Post-Massage Care

  • Wipe away any excess oil or lotion. Even if things have turned a little frisky, thanks to your sensual mastery, wiping away any excess oil is a good idea. Fortunately, you were paying attention earlier, so have you a bowl of warm water and a cloth handy so you can clean up before moving up the bed to claim your reward! 
  • Providing a warm towel or blanket – Handy if your massage was so relaxing that your partner is fast asleep. Be patient, you’ll be rewarded in time. 
  • Offer water or a warm beverage. Massage releases toxins that need to be flushed from the system. Water or herbal tea is perfect for refreshing the recipient and washing those nasties out of the body. 

It’s Good to Talk

  • Discussing the experience – Once the dust has settled, ask your partner how they found the massage. What were the highlights, and was there anything she or he didn’t enjoy? You can refine your technique or voice your preferences by talking about your session to create a bespoke massage experience next time. 

The Benefits of Sensual Foot Massage

Foot massage has a range of benefits, both physical and mental. Regarding the sensual aspects of foot massage, it can be an excellent form of foreplay, helping to create a more intimate and erotic connection between partners.


Massage helps to promote relaxation by reducing stress and tension in the body. It can also help to stimulate the production of endorphins and lower the stress hormone Cortisol. This promotes a sense of well-being and calm. 

Improved Circulation

Foot massage can help to improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body. This can help to reduce inflammation and promote overall healing by helping oxygen-rich red blood cells flow throughout the body. 

Reduced Pain

Foot massage can help to reduce pain and soreness in the feet, legs, and lower back. It can also help alleviate headaches and other pain throughout the body.

Increased Sensuality

Foot massage can be a highly sensual experience, as it involves close physical contact and touch. It can create a more profound sense of intimacy and connection. As we have already seen, it can be an excellent form of foreplay and a role reversal from traditional gender stereotypes by having the man submit to the woman.  

Erotic Foot Massage – Our Conclusion

An erotic foot massage can be a great way to spice up your sex life and deepen your connection with your partner. By incorporating reflexology techniques, essential oils, and creating a relaxing atmosphere, you can make the experience even more enjoyable and therapeutic. So why not try it and see how it can improve your relationship?

If you’re new to erotic massage, put yourself in the hands of a Tantric Collective professional. Our stunning masseuses are experienced, highly trained and passionate about the sensual arts. They will be delighted to discuss the techniques and share expertise with you. This way, you can take the knowledge home and impress your partner. Alternatively, you can book a couples massage for both of you to enjoy or a woman’s massage just for her. 

So book an Erotic Massage today with Tantric Collective and feel the difference. 

About The Author

Maya Aspinall is a holistic practitioner and writer with over a decade’s experience as a meditation teacher and provider of therapeutic and tantric massage and sexological bodywork. Maya is based in London, England.

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