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Welcome back to the Tantric Collective Blog. Today I want to share our 9 top tips on getting the most out of your Exotic Massage London experience. These actionable tips and ideas will make you more popular with the masseuses you visit and ensure you have a better massage experience every time.

Our 9 Top Tips For Exotic Massage in London

1 – Avoid Parlours

Outside of London, massage parlours are still a thriving a relevant part of the UK exotic massage scene. In London, though they are numerous, they represent a somewhat outdated approach to erotic massage. There are a few good massage parlours, but too often, they represent the budget and low-quality option.

If you insist that your budget won’t stretch to an agency like Tantric Collective, our top tip is to seek a good quality independent tantric masseuse. They work for themselves, so you know they are choosing to be there and are more affordable (sometimes) than agency masseuses.

2 – Choose a Reputable Agency

As I mentioned, exotic massage agencies are the premium option in town, but not all agencies are alike. At Tantric Collective, we only work with the most professional, passionate and discreet masseuses. Our team is our most important asset, and we are hugely proud to have them represent us.

Ensure the agency you choose uses high-quality masseuses with a genuine interest in erotic massage. Telltale signs of non-authentic tantric massage agencies are:

  • Low-Quality Images
  • Too many masseuses
  • A list of ‘extras’ on the masseuse’s profile

Choose wisely, and you’ll be in tantric heaven. Choose poorly, and you’ll feel stressed and hassled and possibly end up haggling or arguing about a service you had no intention of booking.

3 – You Get What You Pay For

Let’s say you’ve found a London tantric massage agency that charges £100 per hour. The agency will first take a cut; then the masseuse has rent to pay, cosmetics to buy, a gym membership, and groceries. How much of that £100 is profit to her? Maybe £50?

Now ask yourself. Would you be happy answering the door to strangers and massaging their naked bodies for £50?

If you want to experience tantric massage with someone passionate, enthusiastic, and genuinely wants you to be there, make sure you pay enough for the service. It’s pretty simple and is a truth you come across in all walks of life. You get what you pay for.

terminology image feature lots of variations on the word

4 – Understand The London Exotic Massage Terminology

Don’t know your Incall from your outcall? This one’s for you:

Incall – You visit the masseuse

Outcall – The masseuse visits you (duh)

Body Glides – The masseuse uses her oiled, naked body to glide across your own

Breath Work – Mindfulness or simple meditation to set the tone at the start of the session (optional)

Central London – London Transport Zones 1 and 2. Areas further out will typically incur additional costs for taxis and travel time.

B2B – Body to Body massage. A staple technique in erotic massage.

5 – Have The Masseuse Come to You

It’s the middle of January as I write this blog, and the rain in London has been pretty non-stop. Even with the lure of a sexy massage waiting, I can understand why some of you don’t want to leave your home or hotel. Fortunately, by booking a tantric massage outcall, you don’t have to!

Our masseuses are friendly and professional. The very definition of a lady in the street and a freak in the (massage) bed! Book a London tantric outcall today, sit back, and relax, knowing that sensual adventure will soon be knocking at your door.

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6 – Try A Variety Of Exotic Massage Therapies

Exotic massage isn’t a therapy but an umbrella term for various massage styles. These include Nuru Massage, Aqua, Four Hand, Couples, Naturist massage, B2B, Soapy massage and more. You can find more details about each of these massages in the menu above. Each therapy will include body-to-body tantric massage, but they all have their style.

Try a few different massages over the next few months, and let us know what works best for you. I love Aqua massage and a luxurious bubble bath with an exotic stranger. Bliss!

7 – Be Polite and Courteous

This shouldn’t need saying, but please always be courteous during your exotic massage session. If you walk in with a bad attitude and start asking the masseuse for survives not discussed or trying to haggle the price, you will be off to a very bad start and won’t get the most out of your massage.

Be kind, friendly and respectful. In return, your sensual masseuse will take you to heights of pleasure you never thought possible. That seems like a pretty good deal, right?

8 – Become A Regular

This one is a real gem. The best way to get the most out of your exotic massage London experience is to become a regular. Agencies and masseuses love regular clients. By booking the same masseuse, you can establish a connection and learn to trust each other more with each session.

Chemistry is vital to a tremendous exotic massage experience. By establishing trust and familiarity, you will get more from your sessions. Agencies love masseuses that attract good regular ratios, and masseuses love regular clients. The best way to make yourself a popular client and get some extra warmth and chemistry into your massage is to book your favourite masseuse or masseuses regularly.

9 – Increase Your Pleasure by Increasing Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power, so do background reading or watch tantric massage videos. The better you understand tantra, the more things like meditation and mindfulness will play a role in your pleasure-seeking. This very blog is a great place to start. Check out some more exotic massage posts below, and get in touch with our customer concierge team if you have any questions.

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So there you have it—our top nine tips to get the most out of your next exotic massage in London. We can’t wait to welcome you to our city and introduce you to our stunning Tantric Collective masseuses. See you soon! xx

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