The Health Benefits of Tantric Massage 

For our Blog today, we are looking at the health benefits of tantric massage in London. We are seen by many as simply a pleasurable pastime. Erotic massage has been used for centuries to achieve a deeper state of fulfilment in both mind and body. But how can it benefit my mental and physical well-being? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and how massage works to heal the body and mind. 

Tantric Massage for Decreased Stress and Anxiety 

Combining therapeutic massage styles such as Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu Massage with the sensual awakening of Tantric Massage leaves clients feeling deeply relaxed after the session. You often go about your daily routine again and allow the stress to build and build. Regular massage sessions with a skilled erotic therapist who understands your body will keep stress levels down and dopamine levels high. 

Increase Libido and Sensual Energy

Think of your Libido as a muscle that needs regular exercise to function at its best. But, just like with any other muscle, you need to ensure you are allowing time for rest, growth and relaxation. Tantric Massage can energise and nurture your libido to keep it solid and controlled. Our Tantric Collective masseuses are experts at controlling the waves of pleasure that come with an erotic massage. Regular exposure to this expertise will make you physically and mentally better manage your sensations. This is hugely beneficial and enjoyable, whether during a tantric massage or in your private life. Check out this Healthline Article on the five best acupressure points for seduction, relaxation and sex. 

Discover A New Awareness of Your Body

Our client feedback is full of stories about new sensations people discovered during their Tantric Collective massage. The part you may find enlightening is that it’s rarely the grand gestures that these reviews focus on. It can be as simple as the feeling of the masseuse’s breath on your lower body. Or the way she brushed her hair against the nape of your neck. In a world that often feels desensitised, Tantric Massage brings a holistic approach to pleasure that all adds to a much more powerful experience by the end of the massage. 

Intimate Connection 

As human beings, we all crave intimacy. Sadly, and especially in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives are more separate than ever. This can be both in the workplace and in our relationships, but the result is a lack of satisfaction that can seriously affect our well-being. We certainly can’t control a global pandemic, but we can allow ourselves the outlet of erotic massage. To be naked and intimate with another person is at the very core of the human experience.

Regular tantric massage sessions allow you to build an understanding with your masseuse and learn more about your body and desires along the way. Tantric Collective always recommends starting your session with an Aqua Massage to get the most from this. Sharing a hot bubble bath with your masseuse allows you to get to know each other better whilst enjoying the intimate nurturing of a beautiful masseuse washing and caressing your body. 

So as you can see, Tantric Massage is about much more than just a naked massage. The varied health benefits of tantric massage can make a profoundly positive difference in your life. So, get in touch with our customer concierge team today to give yourself the gift of an intimate, sensual massage in London. Our stunning masseuses are waiting for your call. 

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