Yoni Massage – A Couples Guide 

Yoni massage is deeply rooted in ancient Tantric traditions and embodies a celebration of feminine energy, a fusion of physical sensations and emotional connections. Designed for intimate healing, connection, and rejuvenation, let’s explore how to craft this remarkable experience for your partner. This blog post gives actionable tips you can use with your loved one at home. The videos are from trusted sources within the sexual education and wellness space and help to demonstrate some of the techniques I’ve described in the article. 

A Message From The Author 

Writing this article was a personal endeavour for me. The techniques and insights shared here will empower you and your partner to explore deeper realms of intimacy, breaking barriers and forging even stronger bonds. 

Yoni massage, in its essence, can be a transformative gift. And I wish for every reader to experience its profound magic. May this guide be your trusted companion on a journey towards heightened pleasure, understanding, and connection.


Maya xxx 

Understanding the Significance of Yoni

Derived from Sanskrit, “Yoni” translates literally to Vulva or Womb but is regarded as a divine symbol of procreative energy often represented by a circular stone. What does Yoni signify, and why is Yoni Massage so significant?

  • More Than Just Anatomy: Beyond referencing the vagina, Yoni signifies divine femininity, a potent energy residing in every woman.
  • Spiritual Meets Physical: The Yoni massage isn’t just about physical stimulation; it’s a ritual that honours and celebrates a woman’s entirety.

Setting the Stage for Intimacy

A perfect Yoni massage starts well before the first touch.

  • Ambience Matters: Envision soft lighting, perhaps candles casting gentle shadows—the aroma of essential oils wafting through the air, accompanied by calming music.
  • Comfort First: Encourage your partner to lie on their back on a plush surface. A pillow under the hips not only enhances comfort but offers optimal positioning.
  • Choice of Oil: Coconut oil is a favourite for many – it’s organic, has a pleasant aroma, and offers a silky texture. Its natural warmth, when rubbed, amplifies sensations.

Breathwork: The Foundation of Tantra

Bliss Breath, often called Bhairavi Kriya, is a significant tantric technique that directs sexual energy upwards towards the crown of the head using controlled breathing and visualisation. The goal is to conserve and harness the light energy within, transforming it into a divine experience. The practice originates from Babaji’s Kaula Marg Tantra and requires approximately eight minutes of dedicated practice in the morning and evening. 

The Bliss Breath technique was named after Bhairavi Brahmani, a notable female tantric from the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Sri Ramakrishna, an esteemed spiritual figure in India, was a prominent practitioner and was taught the entire range of 64 tantric kriyas, including Bliss Breath, by Bhairavi Brahmani.

The practice utilises the Kuhu nadi system for awakening the kundalini and moving the primordial light energy through the Sushumna chitrini nadi. This technique recirculates sexual essence throughout the body’s energy channels, focusing on the higher chakras. Proper transmission of this practice demands a heart connection between the student and a qualified teacher, emphasising the importance of a living oral tradition and lineage.

Bliss Breath enables practitioners to introduce the highest spiritual vibrations into sexual intimacy, opening channels that lead to heightened consciousness and purification of the heart space. The overarching goal is attaining superconscious experience, transitioning from a karmic life to a dharmic one.

Preparing For Yoni Massage – The Foreplay To Your Foreplay

Anticipation is the key to unforgettable experiences. Don’t jump straight in with the Yoni. Begin your session by working on other sensitive areas and let the anticipation build. 

  • Begin with the Belly: This region, rich in nerve endings, is an erogenous zone often ignored. Gentle, rhythmic strokes here can elicit profound responses.
  • Progress to the Chest: Gentle circles around the breasts relax and arouse simultaneously. As the body awakens, the areolae and nipples come into focus, deserving of teasing touches and playful pinches.

Mastering the 5 Key Yoni Massage Techniques

These techniques are central to a Yoni massage. Here’s how to perfect them:

1. Circling:

  • Aim for Variety: Small circles, large circles, light touches, and firmer pressures. Keep things unpredictable.
  • Focus Areas: Prioritise the external tip of the clitoris, exploring its entirety.

2. Pushing and Pulling:

  • Gentle Rhythms: Picture a gentle push against the clitoris, followed by a soft pull. These alternating strokes can be electrifying.
  • Shaft Exploration: Every part of the clitoris is unique. By exploring both sides, discover what elicits the deepest reactions.

3. Tugging and Rolling:

  • Gentle Tugs: Grasp the clitoris softly, pulling it away from the body. Similarly, the vaginal lips can be tugged, creating varied sensations.
  • The Roll: Imagine playing a tiny violin, rolling the clitoris between thumb and index finger. This technique can be delightfully intense.

4. Tapping:

  • Rhythmic Diversity: Tap softly, then firmly. Change rhythms from rapid taps to more languid ones. The variety can be dizzyingly pleasurable.

5. G-Spot Massage:

  • Location: About an inch or two inside the vaginal canal, this slightly ridged area is a hub of sensation.
  • Technique: The ‘come hither’ motion with curved fingers, paired with external clitoral stimulation, can lead to deep, resonating orgasms.

Edging: Riding The Waves of Pleasure

What is Edging? You may have seen it in porn or heard about it from friends, but edging is an art. It’s about dancing on the precipice of climax, only to retreat and approach it again. For those new to the practice, remember to be patient and watch your partner for clues as they ride the waves of pleasure. 

  • The Tease: As your partner nears orgasm, reduce intensity momentarily. Let the arousal simmer, then rebuild.
  • Grounding Touch: During these intervals, a hand over the heart connects, grounds, and intensifies mutual affection.
  • The Release: Multiple waves of orgasms, each more powerful than the last, culminating in an explosive finale.

How To Give The Ultimate Yoni Massage – Concluding Thoughts

Yoni massage is more than just a series of techniques and touches. It’s a deeply spiritual and intimate journey of discovery, connection, and celebration. The practices shared in this article go beyond mere physical pleasure. They weave a narrative of trust, intimacy, and an unparalleled celebration of feminine energy. 

As you and your partner explore the world of Yoni massage together, it’s essential to remember the core principles of respect, understanding, and continuous communication. Every touch should be an act of love and reverence. And as you traverse this path, you’ll discover new heights of pleasure and deeper layers of connection, understanding, and mutual growth.

I invite readers to embark on this journey with an open heart and mind. In the world of tantra, the destination is as enriching as the journey itself. Dive in, explore, connect, and celebrate the profound magic of Yoni massage. 


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