Welcome back, sensual adventurers! Are you considering trying an erotic massage with your partner? Good news; it might just be the adventure you both are looking for. Erotic Massage for Couples is the perfect combination of exploration, sensuality and adventure that we love here at Tantric Collective. To write this blog, I’ve combined my experience as a masseuse with Tantric Collective client feedback, online research and informational videos to bring you the best content possible. 

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What Is an Erotic Massage?

Simply put, an erotic massage isn't your regular spa day. It's all about the blend of intimate touch, connecting deeper and combining relaxation and arousal. The roots of massage are ancient but this modern blend of therapeutic massage technique with erotic body glides, teasing touches and sensual surroundings makes it the perfect pastime for adventurous couples. Web Video

Why Is Erotic Massage So Good For Couples?

Are you curious why so many couples give erotic massage a thumbs up? Here are four great benefits with references to back them up:


1. Improved Intimacy: Diving into the world of erotic massages can bring the two of you even closer. Through this shared experience, you'll discover and appreciate each other's desires and boundaries. Intimacy is not a given in relationships; it takes passion and energy to maintain. Could sensual massage be the next spark that keeps the heat on in your relationship?


2. Open Communication: While navigating the waters of erotic massage, you'll naturally find yourselves talking more about what feels good and what doesn’t. And that, my friend, is gold for any relationship. Discussing your likes and dislikes openly and without fear of judgement is essential to any relationship. Translating this into what and where feels great during a massage can make the results explosive! 


3. Kicking Out Stress: Beyond the obvious sensual appeal, it’s also about pure relaxation. As you free your body to the sensations of sensual touch, your mind can unwind and receive the moment for what it is. Pure sensual indulgence and an acceptance of ‘the now’. Unwinding together? That’s a win-win.


4. Discovering New Pleasures: Sometimes, it’s about breaking the mold. Just as couples might look to lingerie, toys and erotic entertainment to spice up their sex lives, erotic massage can be a brilliant way to escape the ordinary and discover new experiences together. 


Considering Giving Couples Massage a Go? Here’s What You Need to Consider

- Boundaries First: Before you book anything, have that chat. Ensure you're both on the same page about what you're comfortable with and establish any boundaries. Whenever you invite another person into your intimate life, you also invite the potential for misunderstandings. Be very clear about your boundaries and stick to them to avoid feeling uncomfortable during or after the session. 

- Ambience Matters: Think dimmed lights, soft tunes, and maybe even your favourite scented candle. Setting the mood right makes all the difference. Always book a massage provider with excellent reviews on their masseuses' incall locations. If you are trying the massage at home or a hotel, add some touches like candles and a comfortable ambient temperature to get the most from your massage. 

- Choose Quality Oils: Your skin deserves the best. Invest in some smooth massage oils for that perfect touch. In need of some advice? Check out our The Five Best Sensual Massage Oils blog post. Also, a quick reminder: check in with each other about allergies or any health issues, especially when trying out new oils. No one needs to feel a sudden rash coming on when they are trying to feel sexy! 

- Get Some Insight: While there's no one-size-fits-all, learning a few techniques or attending a workshop can enhance the experience. The basic movements are rooted in Swedish massage. We have written a lot of information on “how to give a tantric massage’ over the years. Check out some blog posts or watch this great video from Roxy Fox:Web Video
Remember, it’s an intimate journey. You might stumble upon unexpected emotions or feelings. Keep the communication channels open and be there for one another.


Is Erotic Massage Good For Couples? The Conclusion

In wrapping up, we’ve clearly established that erotic massage isn't just a therapy; it's a journey – an adventure you embark on together. It’s about opening doors to deeper intimacy, improved communication, stress relief, and discovering pleasures you never knew existed. When you're both on board, talking openly and setting the scene right, you're setting yourselves up for an experience that can ignite new sparks in your relationship. Whether it’s about being mindful and indulging in the now, exploring uncharted territories of sensuality, or simply breaking established routines, a couple’s massage could be the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for.

So explore, communicate, indulge, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of this sensual journey. Just remember to keep it open, consensual, and fun. Trust me, your relationship will thank you for it. Here’s to more adventures, deeper connections, and a lot of fun!


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