The Best Nuru Masseuses in London

The best nuru masseuses in London all have specific attributes in common. Yes, they are beautiful and charming, but Nuru Massage goes a little deeper than that. This is more than just an erotic massage. Nuru is a sensual dance of two bodies that requires proper knowledge and respect for the history of the therapy.

At Tantric Collective, we have greatly emphasised Nuru Massage from day one. Our team understand how it differs from tantric massage and always have a supply of the finest nuru gel ready for use at their incall locations.

In today’s blog, I want to introduce you to the members of the Tantric Collective team that offer nuru massage and demonstrate why we think they are the best in London. I have included client reviews to give you real-world feedback and pictures and videos to help you get to know them a little better.

We will also discuss why nuru massage is an integral part of our massage therapy menu and offer some final thoughts for anyone considering this massage for the first time.

Enjoy! Maya xxx

Why is Nuru Massage Important?

Nuru massage combines ancient tradition and luxury wellness, offering more than just a massage; it's an immersive experience that combines relaxation with sensual rejuvenation.

For our discerning clients, this isn't just about fleeting pleasure—it's about embracing a lifestyle that values exquisite care, personal wellness, and intimate connection.

The Nuru experience, with its profound physical and mental relaxation effects, plays a crucial role in stress management and emotional well-being, aspects of life that our busy clientele often neglect.

Furthermore, engaging with skilled nuru masseuses provides a bespoke, luxury experience that aligns with our audience's high standards and refined tastes. Whether to unwind after a high-stakes business meeting or enjoy a unique form of relaxation while away from home, nuru massage offers an unparalleled experience that speaks to the essence of luxury and personal care.

Our Best-Reviewed Nuru Massage Therapists


nuru masseuse antonella poses in white lingerie and gold high heels


Antonella excels in Nuru, bringing her passion and expertise to every session. She seamlessly integrates therapeutic elements with her authentic Nuru techniques. As a skilled Reiki practitioner, Antonella really elevates the massage experience beyond the physical and focuses on your overall well-being. She can boost your energy and target healing where it's needed most, ensuring a holistic approach to her sessions.

Nuru Massage Reviews For Antonella


“Wow, Antonella is an incredible person. Sexy and seductive, but also so warm and kind. She provides a wonderful relaxing massage, I am very happy with the treatment I received. I look forward to returning.”

— R


“Thank you for an incredible evening, wow, simply amazing ❤️

— L

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brunette masseuse bella

Bella, our talented Brazilian therapist in Paddington, specialises in Nuru massage, creating an experience that's as sensual as it is unforgettable. Her toned Latino figure enhances the body-to-body glides, making each session uniquely erotic and deeply satisfying. Bella invites you into a world of profound relaxation and pleasure from her welcoming apartment. This intimate experience not only tantalises the senses but also promotes a deep mental release; for those seeking an unparalleled sensual journey in Central London, Bella's expert touch offers an escape into indulgence and tranquillity.

Nuru Massage Reviews For Bella

“Bella is beautiful on the inside and outside. Soft, warm and tender with a magnetic aura, she also knows what buttons to press (so to speak) to turn the heat up….. I would definitely recommend her for a relaxing yet energising experience.”

— B

“Insanely nice time!”

— P

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blonde, Brazillian masseuse Daisy poses on floor wearing pink lingerie

Daisy has been with us from the start and stands out as Tantric Collective London's radiant, blonde Brazilian nuru masseuse, offering an unparalleled experience from the heart of Mayfair. Her lithe, toned physique complements her innate sensuality, making every nuru massage session with her a journey into profound relaxation and indulgence. Focused solely on nuru massage, Daisy utilises her expertise to ensure a deeply immersive experience, encouraging physical and mental relaxation.

Operating from her elegantly appointed Mayfair apartment, Daisy provides both incall and outcall nuru massage services across Central London, adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and luxury. Before each session, she ensures that her clients are at ease, inviting them to enjoy the comforts of her luxurious facilities, setting the stage for an elite body-to-body erotic massage experience. With the option to tailor the nuru massage with additional bespoke services, Daisy commits to crafting an unforgettable, personalised experience.

Nuru Massage Reviews For Daisy

“This was one of the best massages I’ve had. She has a stunning body and a beautiful face. Her massage is very sensual. She is engaged with you for the whole hour. I will definitely see her again. A 10 out of 10.”

— Sean

“I’m so impressed by the high standard of service I have received. Thank you for recommending Daisy, and thank you to Daisy for taking such good care of me.”

— Paul

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Nuru massage therapist Emma poses on cream sofa wearing black lingerie and high heels


Emma is a busty blonde masseuse in Kensington who epitomises both skill and charm. With her friendly demeanour and expertise, Emma offers an escape into relaxation and indulgence. Based in Gloucester Road, she extends her services to incalls and discreet outcalls within Central London. As an expert in Nuru massage, Emma brings a unique blend of eroticism and relaxation to the table, ensuring every session is tailored to the client's desires. Her approachable personality and proficient touch guarantee a memorable nuru experience. Emma's dedication to providing an exceptional body-to-body massage makes her a standout choice for those seeking therapeutic and sensual relief in Kensington.

Nuru Massage Reviews For Emma


“Emma was so generous and kind. She made me feel very relaxed and her touch and her gorgeous body blew me away. I recommend and look forward to seeing her again soon.”

— Gavin


“Emma was great! Super fun and attentive!”

— P

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Tantric masseuse Stella lays on white bed wearing only a white thong and cream stilettos


Stella, a stunning blonde and busty Brazilian masseuse in Mayfair, shines in the specialised field of Nuru. From her luxurious apartment in the prestigious Marylebone area, Stella provides incalls and outcalls across Central London. Her approach to Nuru massage is both traditional and deeply personal, ensuring each client feels the full benefit from this intimate art form.

Stella's skilful touch, combined with her genuine care and dedication, transforms each session into a journey of erotic discovery and relaxation. Her modern, high-end apartment sets the perfect stage for an immersive Nuru experience, where the boundaries between physical and mental relaxation blur. Her passion and commitment to providing an elite, unforgettable experience make her a distinguished choice for those seeking the ultimate sensual indulgence in Mayfair.

Nuru Massage Reviews For Stella

“Very good service - 5 Stars!”

— C

“I had an amazing time, thank you. She is so nice!.”

— M

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The Best Nuru Masseuses in London - Final Thoughts

In closing, our journey through the world of Nuru massage within the Tantric Collective of London showcases our therapists' unparalleled skills and beauty. It highlights the profound impact such experiences can have on one's well-being and mental tranquillity. Each review, each story shared by our clients, serves as a testament to the transformative power of Nuru massage—a delicate balance of ancient tradition and luxurious personal care that transcends the ordinary.

Our therapists, each with their own unique charm and expertise, embody the essence of Nuru massage, making it not just a service but a bespoke experience tailored to the individual needs and desires of our clients. From the heart of Mayfair to the serene streets of Paddington, they offer an escape into a world where touch and connection foster a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

To those contemplating their first Nuru massage, let these reflections and accolades serve as your guide. The Tantric Collective of London is not just about providing massages; it's about offering a sanctuary for the senses, a place where stress and worry give way to moments of bliss and serenity.

Thank you for joining me in exploring the best Nuru masseuses in London. We hope it inspires you to experience the profound benefits and joy this exquisite form of massage can bring into your life. Remember, the journey towards personal well-being and luxury starts with a single step—or, in this case, a single massage. Here's to finding your path to relaxation and sensual enlightenment with us.

Maya xxx