Making Time For You With Sensual Massage 

Do you ever feel like you’re simultaneously being pulled in many different directions? Your boss is texting, your family need you, your friends want to meet up, and you said you’d hit the gym more this week. Modern life is busy. This isn’t a bad thing. We know that some of us thrive on this full-speed approach to life and why not? Life is there for the living. However, we believe in finding the right balance at Tantric Collective. Work hard, Play Hard, Chill Hard. But what can you do with the precious free time that gives you the most bang for your buck? What activities are physically and spiritually rewarding but won’t take up half your weekend? I’m looking at you here, Golfers ? 


The benefits of taking regular exercise are huge. You don’t have to take our word for it. Innumerable studies have shown activity to be one of the most significant contributing factors to living a longer, happier life. Check out this fantastic article which details how regular exercise can delay the onset of 40 Chronic Conditions.

Sensual Massage 

Of course, we were going to say this! We are, after all, a Tantric Massage agency offering elite sensual massage for our clients in London. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. The Mayo Clinic lists a range of benefits from massage, including:

Improving Circulation

Reducing Pain

Reducing Stress

Lowering blood pressure

Immune system benefits 

As well as this, some studies show that people benefit hugely from the feelings of comfort and connection experienced during a massage. When this massage is a sensual, tantric massage, these benefits are enormous. Naked, intimate time with a trained professional can help you with insomnia, body positivity issues and intimacy issues, to name just a few. 

Making Time For You With Meditation 

Perhaps the ultimate way to create space in your busy lifestyle is meditation. Sadly, it is often the practice that most find difficult to progress with. To get a better grasp of Meditation and mindfulness, try to stop thinking about it as a goal or a task to be completed. You are on a journey, and every step, no matter how small, is part of that journey. Try this simple body scan mediation. It’s perfect for beginners and great for finding space within your day. 

Start by laying on your back on a comfortable surface. 

Next, bring your focus to the top of your head. Imagine you are under a scanner, and as the laser passes each body part, it pauses to inspect them. Relax your forehead, relax your cheeks, relax your eyes. Are you holding tension in your tongue? Relax your tongue…

Work your way down the body focusing on every body part as you go. If other thoughts come into your head, accept them and move on with your scan. After less than ten minutes, your body will feel lighter and your thoughts clearer. 

Mindfulness is a big part of our tantric massage sessions. Your expert masseuse can be your guide and help to focus your energy before and during your massage session. Talk to our customer concierge team if you’re interested in a mindful tantric massage when booking. 

Feel The Tantric Collective Difference

So how can you start making time for you? Try some of these ideas as you move into the new week, and if you have any questions, please get in touch. Our customer concierge team are available from 10 am to 12 am every day, and our team of gorgeous erotic masseuses is waiting for your booking. Tantric massage is the perfect way to start making time for you and as a gateway to meditation and mindfulness. Try a Tantric Collective massage today and feel the difference an elite erotic massage can make. 

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