Time for Yourself – 5 Relaxation Ideas for Men

Everything from bobbing about in complete sensory isolation to a Sexy Massage in London. Here are Tantric Collective’s top 5 relaxation ideas for men.


We all know how exercising regular has enormous benefits for our state of mind, but can we find areas to improve? Is your weekly gym routine giving you the endorphin dump you crave or are you just going through the motions with the same old sessions? Try a new sport, work out with friends or take up group workouts such as yoga, CrossFit or spinning. The change in routine and sense of group activity will mentally stimulate you in new ways and burn more calories as your body adapts to new movements.

Flotation/Isolation Tank

Perhaps the ultimate in urban escapes for men with not enough free time. Isolation chamber sessions involve floating in a warm water tank for up to an hour in total darkness. You’ll either go wholly crazy or have a profound experience. Most likely, though, it is a combination of the two, and like with meditation, you’ll learn to master the little voices in your head with repeated sessions. Check out Floatworks which has locations in Central London. 

Hit the Great Outdoors

Perspective is everything. Have you ever looked out of the window of an aeroplane as it comes into land and wondered at all the ant-like cars and people going about their busy lives? Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from the situation to see the next step forward. Get outside,  swim in the ocean, climb a mountain (it doesn’t need to be Everest, Snowdon will do nicely) and get some perspective. Environments where you feel insignificant, and maybe a little intimidated by the landscape or climate will awaken parts of your psyche that urban life will not.  

Ask anyone who’s recently completed a marathon if they think a 10k is a long run. Their yardstick has moved; what was once difficult is now just a warm-up. 

Tantric Massage 

Shower, undress and put yourself in the hands of a beautiful stranger for an hour or two. Tantric Massage is fantastic for those who crave human touch combined with deep relaxation and a little sensuality after a long workday. Increased blood flow helps remove toxins, Swedish massage relaxes tight muscles, and sensual body glides will have the pleasure receptors in your brain firing like there’s no tomorrow. All of that adds to a considerable physical, mental and emotional release. They should prescribe it on the NHS. Call the Tantric Collective team today on +44 7563 383410 to book your perfect erotic massage. 

Fly Solo  

Book some time off and get gone. You can fly to some far-flung destination or rent a cottage in the countryside. The important thing is taking yourself out of your everyday environment. Read books, go for dinner on your own, meditate. You’ll return to your life refreshed and ready to get after the next chapter. Of all our relaxation ideas for men this one seems the most simple but how often do you really have time for just you? No phone, no laptop, no friends. Get comfortable in your own skin. After a few days if you really need some human contact go back the the previous paragraph. Authentic Tantric Massage is both meditative and highly pleasurable. The perfect prescription for both body and mind. 

“You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

J.R.R Tolkein