Sensual Massage For Sleep

Does anyone else feel conflicted over sleep these days? I know I’m supposed to get 8 hours each night to feel fully rested. Many health benefits support this idea: improved mood, lower inflammation, muscle recovery and increased energy. But, on the other hand, we read all the time about successful people only getting 4 hours a day. Most US presidents seem to go by the 4/5 hours rule and anyone who follows The Rock on social media will have seen him hitting the gym at 5 am. So as you can see it’s easy to get confused on this matter. I want to recover and feel well rested but I also want to be successful. Today’s blog will look at sleep patterns and how you can use sensual massage for a better night’s sleep.

Quality Of Sleep  

So if we start getting less sleep to increase productivity, what can we do to ensure we still get the benefits of a good night’s rest? Let’s look at the four stages of sleep and see the function of each one.

NREM Stage 1 – This first stage is the transition between being awake and falling asleep. Commonly known in the UK at least as ‘nodding off’. It only lasts around 10 minutes and you will quickly move to the next stage if undisturbed.  

NREM Stage 2 – Stage 2 accounts for approximately 50% of your total sleep time. During this phase, your body temperature will drop along with your heart rate. Your eye movements cease and you become unaware of your surroundings. This phase of sleep is responsible for processing the day’s events. At this point, during scans sleep, spindles occur. This is your brain processing the day’s events and turning them into memories. 

NREM Stage 3 – Deep sleep. This I the stage of sleep where your body recovers. Muscles get repaired and inflammation is reduced. Regular deep sleep is essential for your body to remain healthy. 

Stage 4 REM – No, not the band. During REM sleep, your brain is very active. Fortunately, for most people, your body remains immobilised; otherwise, you might be sleepwalking. During this phase, you will dream. 

The Ingredients Of Sleep 

Good sleep requires the correct balance of chemicals in your brain and body. This is where you can improve your sleep with a sensual massage to help create this chemical balance. 

As the day draws to a close and it darkens, your body will begin to produce melatonin. This hormone tells our body it’s time to go to sleep. You can help this process by ensuring you lower the lights in the evening and participate in relaxing activities such as stretching or meditation before bed. 

Sensual Massage For Sleep

During a sensual massage, your body will produce the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Your body will relax during the process, and you’ll be ready to drift off into a quality night’s sleep. Indeed, sensual massage involves many of the ingredients mentioned here. The lights will be dimmed; soft music will play. Your beautiful masseuse will guide you on a tantric meditation to calm your mind before she uses her body and hands to massage every inch of you. Muscles will relax, oxytocin will be produced, and you’ll be ready to leave the day behind. If you’re booking an erotic massage outcall you can set the room up to be prepared for sleep after your session. Have a bath already run so you can wash any oil off in the most relaxing way possible and keep the lights low. 

An excellent tip for outcall massage in London is to ensure you order a few extra towels. This way, you can cover your hotel bed with them and maintain your fresh sheets for sleeping in after the massage. 

Book a Sensual Massage With Tantric Collective

So as you can see booking a Tantric Collective massage has many benefits. Not only will you be able to enjoy a highly sensual encounter with a beautiful masseuse but you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed a ready to take on the world. If improving your sleep with massage is your goal, please do mention it at the time of booking. This way we can let the masseuse know to prepare the room accordingly. Ideally, we would suggest an outcall massage but if booking an incall you can rest assured. Our masseuse’s incall locations are elite, luxury apartments just a stone’s throw from London’s top hotels. You can relax in plush bathrooms, soft clean sheets and dry yourself off with fluffy towels after the session. 

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