Our Guide To Soapy Massage In London

Soapy Massage in London originated in Thailand and is still very common, especially in big cities such as Bangkok. In the west, it has been gentrified somewhat with luxurious bathrooms and quality bathing products, but the general idea remains the same.

This therapy is very similar to Nuru Massage, with the main difference being the lack of gel. Instead, the masseuse will use soap and water to create a bubbly, slippery massage that cleanses and revitalises you.

Today’s blog will explore this topic in detail and give actionable tips to get the best out of your soapy massage experience.

What Happens In A Soapy Massage?

A soapy massage treatment takes place in the bath or shower. You will find videos or descriptions online where this therapy utilises a blow-up bed. We never use an inflatable mattress or massage table for our therapies. When booking with Tantric Collective, your soapy massage will always happen in the bath or shower and if followed by a sensual massage on a double bed.

If attending an incall, your masseuse will already have the bath run for you when you arrive. Typically our session begins with you taking a quick shower, but in this instance, your masseuse will help you to undress before joining you in the bath.

From here, she will wash and caress you. Her body will glisten in the soapy water, and you will connect as she exfoliates and then lenses your entire body. During the session, she will use every curve of her body to caress yours, and you will finish the massage feeling cleansed, deeply satisfied and renewed.

Tip – Elite Soapy Massage in London is often referred to as Aqua Massage. You can read more about this massage in the menu above.

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What Are The Benefits?

This therapy has many benefits, both physically and mentally. These include:

  • Exfoliated and cleansed skin
  • Unblocked Pores
  • Releases Toxins
  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety
  • A More Profound Connection with your Masseuse

The first and last benefits are specific to a soapy massage. The chemistry you create with a masseuse by sharing a bath with them is second to none. We know you love these sessions from the number of regulars our masseuses attract through this massage. Over the years, I have said it many times in this blog, but the chemistry between client and masseuse is essential in creating a mind-blowing erotic massage.

Tip – Choose Soapy Massage for a fun and flirtatious atmosphere with your masseuse

Where can I enjoy a Soapy Massage in London?

Our team are located throughout central London’s most desirable postcodes. If you rein zones one or two, there is a gorgeous Tantric Collective masseuse within easy reach. Their incall apartments are luxurious, private residences with discreet entrances. Plush bathrooms, fluffy towels and a range of quality massage products await you inside.

All our ladies offer outcall massages in London if you’d prefer to stay in the comfort of your home or hotel. Rest assured that our masseuses are elite in every way. This means they are always punctual, professional and discreet when attending outcalls. Sit back and relax. You’ll soon be having your cares washed away by one of London’s best sensual masseuses.

Tip – If your home or hotel has an oversized bath or jacuzzi tub, don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of that space. Plush hotel bathrooms are ideal for soapy massage. All that space shouldn’t be wasted on just one body!

Better yet, why not truly indulge and make it a four-hand soapy massage with two stunning, naked masseuses helping you to fill up that big old bath?!

Combine Your Massage With Other Therapies

You are more than welcome to spend your entire 90-minute session in the bath, but most of you report that this massage works best as a prelude to a sensual massage in the bedroom. You’ll arrive at the massage bed relaxed, stimulated, and familiar with your masseuse. The ensuing massage will be profoundly relaxing and satisfying as your already blissful state of mind takes you to new heights of pleasure.

Book Your Tantric Collective Soapy Massage Today

So book your Soapy Massage in London today with one of our Aqua Massage specialists. Our customer concierge team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about your booking. They know our team personally if you need help deciding between many stunning masseuses. Nothing pleases us more than matching you with your perfect masseuse, so let us know your preferences and leave the decision up to us.

So call +44 7563 383410 and book your elite massage in London today. We can’t wait to wash your cares away!

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