The Top Tantra Podcasts in 2024

Tantra has surged in popularity recently as more individuals seek to self-optimise through holistic and spiritual approaches to intimacy, personal growth, and wellness. The rise of podcasts such as ‘Modern Wisdom’ or ‘The Diary Of A CEO’ is turning people on to new ways to find inner peace, increase productivity and improve their health.

Tantra can contribute to all these areas, so it’s no surprise that we now see an increasing number of tantra and tantric massage podcasts.

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The Best Tantra Podcasts in 2024

For today’s blog, I wanted to conduct a bit of research and uncover who is offering the best tantra and tantric massage content on their podcasts in 2024. This is a list of the best available shows that cover a broad spectrum of topics within Tantra, from beginner guides to in-depth discussions on complex tantric techniques. Whether you are a novice eager to learn or an adept practitioner, these podcasts offer valuable insights and guidance from seasoned experts.

A Brief Word On Tantra

What is Tantra?

Before exploring the podcasts, it's essential to understand what Tantra is and what it is not. Tantra originated in India but it has evolved over centuries and is now practiced all over the world in various forms. Tantra encompasses a wide range of techniques and teachings, including meditation, yoga, ritual, and spiritual sexuality. The common misconception that Tantra is solely about Tantric Sex could not be further from the truth. Sex and sexuality and a small part of a much larger philosophy.

Why Listen to Tantra Podcasts?

Podcasts offer a unique way to learn from practitioners and teachers while engaging with the material at your own pace. They can supplement more traditional learning or allow you to explore new aspects of Tantra from the comfort of your home.

I have long been conscious that as much as I love writing these blogs and getting feedback from our regular listeners people are consuming information in different ways in 2024. I confess it’s a rare day when I can sit down and read a book or blog post. However, whenever I’m on the London tube, in the car or out for a walk, I love listening to podcasts.

This is why we wanted to offer our blogs in audio format. We know many of you are incredibly busy, but having something to listen to on your next flight, train journey, or long commute could be the perfect addition to help the miles fly by and whet your appetite for your next encounter with one of our stunning erotic masseuses.

The Six Top Tantra Podcasts

1 - Tantra Made Easy

Host: Shashi Solluna

Frequency: Monthly

Average Episode Length: 60 Minutes


How can intimacy lead to spiritual enlightenment? How do we forge the perfect relationship? Renowned Tantra instructor and Hay House writer Shashi Solluna imparts Tantric insights and converses with global experts on this subject.

Why Listen?

Listening to Tantra Made Easy can provide deep insights into how intimacy can enhance spiritual experiences and help cultivate meaningful relationships. By sharing her expertise and engaging with other world-renowned experts, Solluna offers a unique perspective that blends ancient Tantric knowledge with modern understandings of relationships and spirituality. This can be immensely valuable for anyone looking to enrich their personal and spiritual growth or to understand how to integrate these ancient practices into contemporary life.

2 - Sex Is Medicine

Host: Devi Ward Erickson

Frequency: Weekly

Average Episode Length: 60 Minutes


Sex Is Medicine is a sixty-minute podcast dedicated to sexual wellness, delving into the link between sexuality and spirituality, pleasure, and self-improvement. It focuses on how these elements influence our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

You can listen every Thursday at 7 PM Pacific Time to find solutions to YOUR questions about sexual matters, discover the natural relationship between sexuality and spirituality, and acquire some of the most practical and impactful methods for nurturing your body, mind, and sexual well-being.

Why Listen?

Listening to the Sex Is Medicine podcast is great for anyone interested in understanding the deep and intricate relationship between sexuality, spirituality, and overall wellness. The program provides an engaging platform where listeners can gain practical and effective tools for nurturing not only their sexual health but also their physical and mental well-being. By tuning in, listeners have the unique opportunity to get personalised answers to their own questions on these topics, explore enriching discussions, and learn directly from experts in a thoughtful and open environment. This makes the podcast an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their personal growth and self-awareness in these interconnected areas.

3 - Talk Tantra To Me

Host: Leola

Frequency: Monthly

Average Episode Length: 50 minutes


This podcast, hosted by Leola, offers a lighthearted take on sacred sexuality. As a Sacred Intimacy Mentor and Muse, Leola aims to demystify the human body and its actions, such as expressing spirituality and embracing sexuality. Contrary to common societal beliefs that separate sex and spirituality, this podcast emphasises their deep connection. Leola's goal is to empower listeners to embrace their sexuality by overcoming misleading societal norms and fear-driven beliefs. By reclaiming our bodies and our sensuality, we can transform how we view ourselves and our sexuality, fostering a sense of unconditional love and curiosity.

Why Listen?

Listening to this podcast is like getting a fresh, fun take on something really important—our sexuality and how it ties into our spiritual lives. Leola, the host, makes these deep topics super approachable, aiming to break down all those outdated ideas that sex and spirituality can’t mix. It’s all about empowering you to feel more at home in your own skin, more in tune with your sexuality, and more open to exploring these parts of life with joy and curiosity. If you’re looking to shake off some old fears and start seeing your sexuality as a beautiful, natural part of your spiritual journey, then tuning in could really change your perspective in a powerful way. Plus, who doesn't want to approach life and love with a bit more curiosity and unconditional love?

4 - The Tantric Glow

Host: Sylvia Adriana

Frequency: Monthly

Average Episode Length: 30 Minutes


"The Tantric Glow" is a podcast that delves into Tantra, self-love, and conscious relationships, aiming to enrich listeners' personal and spiritual growth. This show invites listeners to pause their busy lives, engage in mindfulness, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Each episode is filled with practical insights and techniques, enriched with personal stories to inspire healing and self-acceptance. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including Tantra practices, self-care routines, mindful dating, and spiritual disciplines such as yoga and meditation.

Listeners are invited to deepen their connections and learn to thrive in life and love. "The Tantric Glow" offers a transformative journey toward a more fulfilled and purposeful existence, making it a must-subscribe for those seeking to enhance their personal and relational well-being.

Why Listen?

Listening to "The Tantric Glow" is a compelling way to explore the integration of spirituality with personal and relational wellness. This podcast stands out by offering actionable advice and real-world examples that can help listeners cultivate a deeper sense of self and enhance their interpersonal relationships. Each episode not only addresses the theoretical aspects of Tantra and mindfulness but also provides listeners with practical tools and stories from real experiences that encourage growth and self-understanding. It's an ideal resource for those seeking to transform their approach to self-love and relationship dynamics, making it a fresh and insightful addition to anyone's listening routine.

5 - Tantric Sex For Lovers And Others

Host: Anne Bland

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Average Episode Length: 30 minutes


Are you intrigued by Tantra? Whether you're a novice trying to integrate it into your life for more joy and peace, or curious about the enduring stamina attributed to celebrities like Sting, this podcast by Anne Bland is for you. Anne, a Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach and founder of the "Selfishly Happy Revolution," explores how Tantra links sexual energy with creativity and spirituality. Her open, explicit discussions aim to demystify sex and enhance personal and relational fulfilment.

This podcast offers free coaching in episodes like "Asking for a Friend," and listeners can even participate by sending voice messages. Anne's movement promotes a pleasure-positive community, emphasising self-love and happiness as tools for profound personal and societal change. She shares holistic sex tools—Intentions, Presence, Focus, Breath, Movement, Sound, and Energy—to empower listeners in their pursuit of a fulfilled and authentic life. Join Anne in embracing pleasure as a transformative force and discover how Tantra can enrich your existence on all levels.

Why Listen?

Why tune into Anne Bland’s podcast? It’s all about turning up the fun and fulfilment in life through Tantra. If you’re even a little curious about how your sexuality can boost your creativity and spirituality, Anne dishes out some super engaging stories and tips that make it all click. Plus, she throws in some free coaching sessions that could really spice up your perspective on love and relationships. Whether you’re seeking deeper personal insights or want to shake up your routine with something exhilarating and meaningful, this podcast has the vibe and the voice to guide you through. It’s about getting real, happy, and connected, all through the lens of Tantra. Perfect for anyone ready to embrace a juicier, more joyous way of living!

6 - The Sex Reimagined Podcast

Hosts: Leah Piper and Dr Willow Brown

Frequency: Weekly

Average Episode Length: 75 Minutes


Prepare to transform your romantic life with the Sex Reimagined Podcast! Forget the cringe-worthy sex ed from middle school—this show is all about the spicy details, served with a healthy dose of humour and straight talk. Hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown, with their 40 years of expertise in Tantra and Taoist sexuality, turn bedroom blunders into triumphs. They’re candid about their own funny and sometimes awkward sexual escapades, providing valuable takeaways to help you elevate your pleasure. Every month, they bring on guest experts to dive into topics like trauma healing and the science behind orgasms. Tune in for a mix of empowerment, laughter, and a little blushing as we explore what great sex really looks like.

Why Listen?

Why listen to the Sex Reimagined Podcast? It's the perfect mix of entertainment and education for anyone looking to spice up their love life. With hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown bringing their deep expertise and hilarious personal stories, you'll get both laughs and lessons. Each episode is a treasure trove of insights into enhancing your sexual pleasure, understanding the science of orgasms, and even healing from trauma. Plus, with guest experts adding their voices to the mix, you're guaranteed fresh perspectives on all things sex. If you're ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even blush a bit, this podcast is an essential addition to your playlist as it redefines the narrative around what fantastic sex should be.

The Best Tantra Podcasts in 2024 - Final Thoughts

And there you have it—the best Tantra podcasts of 2024 that are shaking things up in the realms of spirituality, intimacy, and personal empowerment. Whether you're looking to dip your toes into Tantra or dive deep into its transformative practices, these podcasts offer something for everyone. From engaging stories that connect sexuality with spirituality to practical tools for enhancing your relationships and self-awareness, each show invites you to explore Tantra in fresh and exciting ways. So, why not hit subscribe on your next commute or while you unwind at home? Let these voices guide you through the art of Tantra, bringing a touch of magic and plenty of wisdom into your everyday life. Here’s to finding more pleasure, joy, and connection on your personal journey.