Our Guide to the Best Wellness Trends For 2023 

After the success of our 19 Massage Trends for 2023 blog, we thought we’d push the boat. Welcome to the Tantric Collective Wellness Trends for 2023 blog.

This is an actionable list, so you can go out or get online today and get yourself started with one of these game-changing tips.

Quiet Quitting

A term that has generated a significant buzz lately is Quiet Quitting. The idea is that you give no more energy to projects that don’t fulfil you than necessary. As so often happens in life, Homer Simpson was decades ahead of his time when he said:

If you don’t like your job, you don’t strike. You go in every day and do it really half-assed.

It ties in nicely with the ‘Soft Living’ approach we looked at earlier. Detractors have claimed it’s all part of the ‘snowflake’ culture as the younger generations expect more rewards for less work But, after decades of hustle, grind and blood, sweat and tears, maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all?

On that note, I reckon one wellness trend for 2023 will do just fine.

Only kidding! Let’s keep going…

Percussive Massage Tech

One of the significant innovations to hit the massage scene in recent years has been handheld percussive therapy devices or massage guns.

Brands such as TheraGun have seen tremendous success, and you can now purchase any number of massage balls, vibrating foam rollers, massage guns, recovery boots and more innovative tech.

IV Drips

Another wellness trend that has started to expand from its Hollywood roots is the IV drip. As the name suggests, it’s a shot of vitamins, minerals and other goodies directly into your bloodstream.

A sample vitamin cocktail might include:

  • Vitamin B (various)
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Folic Acid
  • Glutathione

These IV Drips can help to boost your immune system, increase energy levels or get rid of your hangover. They are still relatively expensive at the time of writing, but the prices steadily decrease as they grow in popularity.

Tantric Massage

Attitudes towards nakedness and sensuality are changing. Elite sex parties are becoming mainstream. Men and women party in fetish gear, and more people are trying elite Tantric Massage for the first time.

Beneficial for both body and mind, this practice started in Germany as part of the Neo-Tantra movement in the 70s. Major cities worldwide have legal and reputable providers of stunning masseuses. It’s more expensive than deep tissue or Swedish massage but also much more fun!

On The Go Nutrition

You would be hard-pressed to have avoided HUEL over the last few years. There is a focus now on nutritionally complete, on-the-go nutrition solutions for people who are too busy or too disorganised to eat traditionally.

Itsu has a range of posh but nutritious pot noodles, and many other brands are throwing their hats into the ring.

The focus is solidly on plant-based all-in-one solutions, so keep an eye out next time you plan a road trip or have a hectic work week. On-the-go nutrition could make the difference between keeping those 2023 resolutions and quitting before February.

Health Tracking

Data is king. No smartwatch is complete without a heart rate monitor. Brands like Whoop exist purely as premium. Health monitors and apps like Strava saw a massive increase in subscribers during the Covid lockdowns.

Some of these products now have innovative charging tech, so you never need to take the wearable off and lose any precious data.

Everything from sleep, heart rate variability, V02 Max and walking steadiness is being tracked. With this data, your device can tell how fit you are, how likely you are to fall or your chances of being unwell soon.

In the Whoop offices, they even have a minimum recovery score you need to show up for work that day. The theory is that if you aren’t sufficiently recovered, you are at a greater risk for infection and, therefore, more likely to infect your co-workers.

Wellness Trends For 2023 – Continued 


Walking? Yep! The cardio workout of choice for LA types has gone global. No longer only for retirees in tweed, Hiking is officially cool in 2023. Influencers in designer workout gear are making strolling sexy. Hiking for hotties is going to continue to grow in 2023.

Hiking is the ultimate form of LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) cardio. The mental health benefits are huge compared to putting those steps in on a treadmill at your local gym. Get outside, find some hills and take in the views.


man hiking for massage trends for 2023 blog

Cold Water Therapy

Wim Hoff started the ice bath renaissance, and it’s been growing ever since. Once only sadists and professional athletes would put themselves through cold water therapy, but now every lake, river or pond seems to have someone shivering away in the shallows.

Businesses have started around the boom, so you can have your inflatable ice bath at home or buy an all-in-one towel/coat from companies like DryRobe.

Wild Swimming

Closely linked but considerably more relaxing is wild swimming. Another activity that took off during Covid-19 when we all had to find new things to do outdoors and two metres apart. Wild swimming will continue growing with people keen to holiday close to home next summer.

Check out your local beauty spots, rivers and lakes and see the countryside from a new point of view.


Another high-tech wellness trend for 2023 has gone mainstream after years of being exclusively for elite-level athletes. Cryotherapy chambers expose the body to -100 to -160 degrees centigrade temperatures.

When your brain realises what is happening, it releases extra blood to protect the vital organs. When you re-emerge from the chamber, this freshly oxygenated blood can move about the body improving healing, inflammation and recovery.

Work-Life Balance

One of the positives of the Covid-19 lockdowns was the priory placed on working from home. More and more offices offer flexible schedules where employees can mix up remote working with on-site hot desking.

You can add a focus on workplace perks like pizza Fridays, gym memberships and team-building days. The idea of a work-life balance is more focused than ever before.


Did you know that they now teach mindfulness to 3-year-olds? Most pre-schools and nurseries have some mindfulness practice to calm the gangs of crazy toddlers. There are children’s books written on the subject, and it’s becoming par for the course at many primary and secondary schools.

Adults are also benefitting from the proactive in their millions. Savvy companies are making mindfulness days part of their care package. These can be in the office or remotely, but it’s a big part of many firms’ employee recruitment and retention practice.

Wellness Retreats

A sector of the travel market that is booming is the wellness retreat. It’s a great way to escape your everyday routines and break bad habits. A holiday with no booze and a sunrise yoga session might not appeal to everyone, but it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t be beneficial for all who try it.

Combined with a digital detox, your next holiday could finally give you the rest and recuperation you need after years of working your tail off and then trying to recover with an all-you-can-eat, beers-in-the-sun type break.


Zero-alcohol alternatives to beer, wine and spirits have been available for a long time, but recently the area is seeing a huge boom. Major brands and small-batch craft manufacturers are creating great-tasting alternatives to their traditional boozy produce.

Customers in 2023 will demand quality and great-tasting gins, beers and wines that make them feel like they are treating themselves without consuming alcohol. Look out for top brands such as Seedlip, Lucky Saint and even huge manufacturers like Tanqueray Gin and Heineken Beer putting vast amounts of budget towards their zero alcohol offerings.

Mass Participation Sports Events

Tough Mudder, Cycling Sportives, Marathons, Park Runs, Triathlons…The list goes on. We surely all know someone who has participated in at least one of these big days. With events like the Boston, New York or London marathons attracting upwards of 40,000 runners, the feel-good factor behind mass participation in sporting events will continue to grow in 2023.

Keep an eye out for activities near you. Most UK towns now have a park run where you can turn up and race against your neighbours each weekend. Adding the spice of friendly competition into something as achievable as a 5K has gotten more and more people out of their houses and in their sports kit year after year since its inception in 2004.

‘Soft’ Living

Buzzword alert! What is Soft Living?

Soft living is taking off as a trend for 2023. The opposite of ‘Hard Living’ where you focus on hustle, grind and pushing through pain. Soft living encourages you to nurture yourself, take time and embrace your emotions.

Take it easy in 2023, and you can use the time to find out what you want out of the year. Soft living is the perfect antidote to decades of a ‘hustle harder’ mentality.

Sleep Tourism

Yep! It’s a thing. If you thought a wellness retreat was a bit hippy-dippy, you’d marvel at Sleep Tourism!

Crazy hotel owners have worked out that there is a growing demand from travellers for a place actually to sleep. Not extravagant dining options, infinity pools or flower-arranging classes. People primarily book a hotel because they need somewhere to sleep.

Proper sleep is essential for wellness in 2023, and these hotels know that. Rooms or ‘cocoons’ if you’re staying at Zedwell in London feature natural woods, Egyptian cotton sheets, low lighting and soundproofing. Most of these rooms are windowless so that you can achieve 100% blackout at any time of day.

Sexual Wellness

By reaching our thirties, many have developed some baggage around intimacy. This could be a lack of emotional connection, skewed expectations after a lifetime of overexposure to pornography or buried sexual traumas.

These factors can play havoc with our attitudes towards sex and intimacy. This is where sexological bodywork and Tantric Massage can work wonders. Regular sessions with a professional masseuse or therapist can help to unlock years of learned behaviour around sex. You must be naked and remain entirely passive throughout the session.

This alone can feel very uncomfortable in the beginning for those more accused to dominating intimate situations. The benefits are considerable, though, as the change in mindset opens new avenues of pleasure, arousal and the psychology involved in intimacy.

More Room For Mushrooms

The mushroom market is now said to be worth 23 billion dollars. Joe Rogan has a lot to answer for.

Fungi are high in protein, fibre and antioxidants, but the real X factor comes from the new approach of taking ‘functional mushrooms’. The mushrooms to look out for are:

  • Chaga
  • Lions Mane
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi

These can benefit your health in a variety of dramatic ways. Chaga is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on earth. One teaspoon is the equivalent of a whole box of blueberries. Lions Mane mushroom heals and grows brain cells; Cordyceps will wake you up far better than caffeine, and Reishi will help you unwind and sleep better.

Other varieties will make you fall in love with a mango and claim the sofa is an inescapable obstacle, but I’m not sure you could describe these as functional.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts on ‘Dysfunctional Mushrooms’.

‘Snack’ Workouts

How long does it take for your kettle to boil in the morning? During that time, most of us would stare glumly out of the window or checkout phones.

How about making these two minutes a workout for you? The idea behind snack workouts is to fill up dead time throughout your day with multiple micro workouts. Waiting for the kettle? 50 push-ups. Is the train running late? Walk up and downtime platform a few times, and so it goes on.

You want to fit in between five to ten snack workouts daily. You’ll keep your heart rate raised for longer each day, and it will fit around your routine, freeing up time for other activities.


Our final wellness trend for 2023 is Plant Based diets. Plant-based diets will continue to boom in 2023. Not purely for hardcore vegans anymore, the plant-based diet is getting more accessible and carries far less stigma than before.  Delivery companies like All Plants offer nutritious, affordable, convenient plant-based delivery services. If you’re time-poor but want more veg, you can do it without additional stress.

You can also check out Hello Fresh or HUEL, as mentioned above, for plant-based solutions when you’re on the go.

Wellness Trends For 2023 – The Round-Up

So there you have our 21 hot tips for the best wellness trends for 2023. Would you happen to have other suggestions? Let us know, and check out these awesome blogs to learn more about Tantric Collective London and our elite Tantric Massage service.

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