What is Nuru Massage?

London has seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of Nuru massage in recent years. So much so that it is now an additional therapy offered by most of our tantric massage therapists. If you’ve seen videos of Nuru Massage online, you might imagine an inflatable bed or other unpleasant surfaces. Fortunately, when booking an elite Nuru massage in London, the therapy will be performed on a comfortable double bed with lots of fresh towels. All Tantric Collective masseuses have high-end luxury apartments for you to shower and refresh yourself before and after your massage. 

What is Nuru Gel? 

Nuru Massage Gel is made from the Nori seaweed you might be familiar with from your favourite sushi restaurant. Happily, though, this is where the similarities end. Nuru gel is a completely odourless organic product that facilitates and slippery gliding sensation between the masseuse and the client. The word means ‘slippery’ in Japanese, but the sensual gliding of your masseuse’s body requires no translation.

Sensual Massage Incalls 

Given the extra preparation time and the fact that it can get messy with all that gel, we always recommend a Nuru Massage Incall. Your masseuse can prep the gel before arrival and have the extra towels ready. After your massage, you can enjoy a hot shower, wash away the gel, and step back into the world refreshed and revitalised. Alongside the high-quality, organic Nuru gel, our masseuses can provide a range of bathroom products to refresh yourself after the massage. No need to bring a wash bag with you. As the elite Nuru Massage provider in London, we have you covered. 

Nuru Massage Outcalls 

If you’d prefer to enjoy the sensual delights of a Nuru massage from the comfort of your home or hotel, that’s no problem. Please ensure you have plenty of fresh towels to hand and allow a little extra time. This is so your masseuse can set up the gel and refresh herself after your session. If you’re staying in a hotel, you might want to call the concierge and arrange some extra sheets. Alternatively, contact housekeeping to refresh the bed while you head out.

Sexy Nuru Massage London Specialists  

Tantric Collective masseuses are passionate about all forms of sensual massage, and Nuru massage is no exception. Authentic Japanese Nuru technique combined with the stunning curves of your Tantric Collective masseuse makes for a heavenly combination. Browse our Masseuse Gallery to see which masseuses offer Nuru massage in London. 

So we hope this blog has helped you understand a little more about Nuru massage. Formerly a niche therapy that is now very much in the public eye, Nuru massage London is something every sensual pleasure seeker should try. 

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