Discover The Erotic Health Benefits Of Edging

 Edging has received a lot of interest in the past few years, in relation to both tantric massage and sexual health. The term refers to the practice of maintaining a high level of sexual arousal without reaching climax. This technique, rooted in ancient sexual practices, has been regularly discussed in mainstream publications and websites, and is now finding its way into modern bedrooms for its plethora of benefits.

It’s a fascinating subject with many rewards, whether you practice it solo during masturbation marathons to learn more about your own desires and arousal; whether you explore it with a sexual partner, or partners, to allow them to take you to the hedonistic heights of prolonged arousal; or whether you devote yourself to exploring your partner/s’ kinks and what prolongs their sexual stamina, before giving them an orgasm even more explosive due to the exciting wait.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and that it gives you the inspiration to try out some of these sensual adventures for yourself.

So read on to discover what is edging, and how can you weave it into your own sensual enjoyment.

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Origins of Edging

Edging involves prolonging sexual arousal by delaying orgasm. The practice of which can be traced back to traditional tantric practices. Tantra, which originated in ancient India, emphasizes the importance of channeling sexual energy for spiritual growth. One of the ways tantra harnesses the power of sexual energy is by being mindful of sensations rather than rushing into sexual climax.

Osho, writing in the 1970s, says on this topic

‘do not think in terms of release: remain with this overflowing energy. Do not seek ejaculation; forget it completely. Be whole in this warm beginning.’

Modern-day practice of edging has similar aims in seeking a sensual experience which transcends a fast build towards orgasmic climax. The use of the term edging came to prominence first within the BDSM community, as a way of teasing the submissive partner by withholding sexual climax during a session where the pleasure-giver was the dominant party and in control of the submissive partner’s sexual experience.

Over time, as the world became more interconnected, edging found its place in contemporary sexual health practices. It’s often misconstrued as a mere delay of gratification, but its true essence lies in the deliberate cultivation of prolonged pleasure.

The Science Behind Edging 

Neurological Aspects

When one practices edging, there’s a heightened level of dopamine – the “feel-good” neurotransmitter in the brain. This has a direct correlation with the pleasure and reward system, explaining the euphoric state one often feels.

Physiological Impacts

Edging’s impact isn’t limited to the brain. For men, it can improve erectile strength and control over ejaculation. For women, it can heighten sensitivity and the potential for multiple climaxes. Additionally, the hormonal balance influenced by edging can foster a better mood and overall well-being.

Techniques and Practices for Edging

Like any intimate act, the environment plays a crucial role. A tranquil setting where you feel relaxed sets the tone for an enriching edging session. This may involve switching off your phone, listening to relaxing music, using enticing scents of candles or diffusers, or whatever else creates an ambience in which you can feel calm and focused. 

Step By Step Guide to Edging

1. Awareness and relaxation: Start with deep breathing to connect with oneself.

2. Slowly building arousal: Engage in foreplay or self-stimulation, maintaining a conscious awareness of your arousal levels.

3. Recognizing the ‘point of no return’: As climax approaches, become hyper-aware.

4. Reducing stimulation and pausing: Just before the ‘edge’, reduce the stimulation and let the arousal simmer.

5. Repeating the process: This can be done multiple times for an intensified experience.

Variations in Techniques

While solo edging is popular, partnered sessions can deepen intimacy. Modern variations may also incorporate toys to elevate the experience. With many sex toys on the market aimed at providing deeper stimulation, there are exciting options to explore, whether for your own pleasure or that of your partner/s. 

Benefits of Edging 

Physical Benefits

One of the immediate benefits of edging is the notable improvement in stamina. This prolonged state of arousal can culminate in a more intense orgasm, adding a new dimension to the sexual experience.

For this reason, edging is often used by tantric massage practitioners to help those with concerns regarding premature ejaculation. The use of edging to aid premature ejaculation can be dated back to the 1950s, where it was labelled ‘the stop start method’ by James H. Semans in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

 Edging isn’t merely a physical endeavor. It fosters a profound emotional connection, especially during partnered sessions, where one partner handles the other’s arousal with care and sensitivity. It can allow a couple to bond more deeply, learning more about each others’, and their own, desires.

The technique enhances self-awareness, offering the individual insights into their own desires and boundaries. The concentration required can also serve as a form of mental relaxation, distancing the mind from daily stresses.

Spiritual Benefits (In Tantric Practices)

In tantra, sexual energy is revered as a potent force for spiritual awakening. Edging, by prolonging arousal, allows individuals to tap into this energy, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the universe.

The benefits of edging can be harnessed to unite physical pleasure and a deeper spiritual connection; this can create a deep bond between partners.

The techniques used in edging combine well with the teasing techniques used to build arousal during a tantric massage, which include sensual touch and pranayama breathing to aid focus on the pleasurable sensations.

Potential Risks and Concerns


Like all good things, edging should be practiced in moderation. Overindulgence can lead to overstimulation, which might diminish the pleasure in subsequent sessions. It’s essential to recognize when to take a break. 

Emotional and Psychological Challenges

For some, the delayed gratification might lead to frustration. It’s crucial to approach edging with an open mind, understanding that the journey is as important as the destination.


Edging, with its roots in ancient tantra, offers a confluence of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. While it’s gaining popularity in modern sexual health discourse, it’s essential to approach it with mindfulness. As with all intimate practices, the key lies in understanding oneself and finding what resonates best. When indulging in this exciting technique with another person, it is recommended to take the mindful pleasure-giving and arousal-building intentions of tantric massage in order to create a mind-blowing sensual experience which combines both sexual and spiritual benefits.

Resources and Further Reading

For those intrigued, diving into books on tantric practices or research studies on the science of edging can offer deeper insights. Workshops and courses can also provide hands-on experience, ensuring that the technique is practiced safely and effectively.


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