What is London’s Most Pleasurable Massage Type? 

Welcome back to the Tantric Collective blog. Today we are trying to answer the question, What is the Most Pleasurable Type Of Massage? Having spent over a decade in the professional massage industry, we have tried and given all the massages mentioned. You can use the jump links below to skip directly to your preferred massage and read our reasons for including it. Our most pleasurable massages are:

So without further ado, let’s get into the blog. Enjoy!

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The Joy of Tantric Massage

As one of London’s elite sensual massage agencies, it’s no surprise that we are starting with Tantric Massage. This therapy has its roots in Indian tantra but rose to prominence in Germany in the 1970s. Tantric Massage satisfies both mental and physical pleasure seekers and is still growing in popularity year after year. In our experience, it is the perfect introduction to sensual massage and the most pleasurable way to spend an hour or two escaping the busy urban streets. 

Let’s take a look at some fundamental techniques and what makes a Tantric Massage so pleasurable:

Techniques and Principles

There are various techniques incorporated into a tantric massage. Many of these are borrowed from Swedish massage and Ayurveda. The magic happens when the masseuse adds her repertoire of sensual touches and teasing body movements. The main principles are:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Slow, mindful movements
  • Focus on energy flow and release by manipulating the body’s Chakras 
  • Naked Body glides 
  • Full-body massage
  • Nurturing and mindfulness – Similar to Shavasana in yoga. Lying on your back with your masseuse beside you at the end of your session. This allows the body to accept the benefits of your massage and fall into a blissful state of relaxation. 

The Pleasure and Benefits of Tantric Massage

More than a decade of experience in sensual massage has taught us that both body and mind must be aligned to enjoy the most pleasurable massage possible. The combination of mindfulness and sensual pleasure makes tantra an appealing prospect. The many benefits include:

  • It’s sexy and fun! 
  • Deep relaxation
  • Emotional healing
  • Enhanced intimacy and connection
  • Heightened pleasure and sensitivity
  • Improved sexual energy

Comparing Different Types of Pleasurable Massages

Our ethos at Tantric Collective is to bring you the best possible massage experience. Combining classic massage with our signature therapies creates a profoundly relaxing and pleasurable experience. Let’s look at a few of our favourite massage types and why we love them. 

Swedish Massage: A Classic, Relaxing Experience

Swedish massage is the world’s most popular massage type. It offers a classic and relaxing experience that suits most individuals. This massage style is particularly effective for those new to massage therapy or simply seeking an hour or so of pure relaxation.

Key Features of Swedish Massage

  • Long, flowing strokes: One of the defining characteristics of Swedish massage is the use of long, smooth strokes called “effleurage.” These strokes glide over the skin, helping increase circulation, warm the muscle tissue, and promote relaxation.
  • Kneading and friction: The therapist will incorporate kneading techniques (called “petrissage”), friction movements and a tapping or chopping motion (Tapotement). Kneading helps to release tight muscles and knots, while friction generates heat and breaks up adhesions in the muscle fibres.
  • Varying pressure: Swedish massage can be tailored to your personal preferences, with therapists able to adjust the pressure from light to firm. Depending on your needs and comfort level, you can enjoy a gentle, soothing experience or a more intense, invigorating session.

What we love about Swedish Massage

It works. The techniques are foundational to most western massage styles, and the benefits are proven. It strikes the perfect balance between therapeutic and pleasurable by actively releasing muscle tension without leaving you sore the next day. You’ll also get an excellent endorphin dump afterwards. This will leave you calm and emotionally balanced before continuing with your day. 

Hot Stone Massage: Melting Away Tension with Heated Bliss

If you’re looking for a massage experience that combines relaxation with a touch of luxury, look no further than hot stone massage. This indulgent massage style incorporates heated stones to provide a deeply soothing and restorative experience. Let’s dive into the world of hot stone massage and find out what makes it a popular choice for those seeking a pleasurable and unique massage experience.

Hot Rock And Roll

  • Volcanic basalt stones: Hot stone massages typically use smooth, volcanic basalt stones chosen for their ability to retain heat. These stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, usually between 130-145°F (54-63°C), and placed strategically on the body to target key tension areas.
  • Deep, penetrating warmth: The heat from the stones penetrates the muscles, helping them to relax more deeply than with traditional massage techniques alone. This allows the therapist to work more effectively on tight, knotted muscles, resulting in a more complete and satisfying massage experience.
  • Soothing, tactile sensation: Warm stones gliding over the skin adds a layer of pleasure and comfort to the massage. Many people find the sensation of heated stones to be deeply calming and grounding, making the hot stone massage an ideal choice for anyone looking to escape the stresses of daily life.

What we love about Hot Stone Massage

There’s something otherworldly about getting a hot stone massage. The pressure of the stones and how they keep the heat for the duration of the massage is incredibly calming. If you enjoy simple heat therapies like heat packs or hot water bottles, you’ll love the feeling of the stones. 

Shiatsu Massage: A Pressure Point Paradise for Your Body

Let’s explore the world of Shiatsu massage, a Japanese healing technique that applies pressure to specific points on the body. If you love targeting those stubborn knots and tension spots, Shiatsu massage might be your new best friend. Let’s explore what makes this massage type stand out and why you should try it. 

The Power of Pressure Points

  • Finger-pressure magic: “Shiatsu” translates to “finger pressure” in Japanese, which is precisely what this massage is about. Therapists use their fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, or knees to apply pressure to specific points on the body. These are known as acupressure points or meridians.
  • Balancing energy flow: Shiatsu massage is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which believes that our bodies have a vital energy force called “qi” (pronounced “chee”) flowing through us. By targeting these points, Shiatsu aims to restore balance and harmony to the body’s energy flow. This promotes overall health and well-being.
  • Customised experience: One of the fantastic things about Shiatsu massage is that it’s tailored to your needs. Your therapist will assess your body’s unique imbalances and work on the pressure points that need attention. Ensuring you get the most effective and satisfying massage possible.

What we love about Shiatsu Massage 

In our experience, Shiatsu is an excellent go-to therapy for a quick mood boost. It’s fantastic for digestive issues and is so effective at improving mood and well-being that it’s even recommended for cancer patients

Lomi Lomi Massage: Ultimate Relaxation and the Aloha Spirit 

Aloha, massage enthusiasts! Let’s journey to Hawaii’s beautiful islands and explore the enchanting world of Lomi Lomi massage. This ancient, traditional Hawaiian massage is all about connecting with nature, spirituality, and the healing power of touch. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a massage experience beyond the physical, Lomi Lomi might become your new go-to therapy.

Explore The Essence of Hawaii

  • Flowing like the ocean waves: Lomi Lomi, also known as the “loving hands” massage, is characterised by its long, rhythmic, flowing strokes that mimic the movements of ocean waves. The therapist creates a seamless, continuous motion that helps release tension and create deep relaxation.
  • A spiritual connection: Lomi Lomi is more than just a physical massage; it’s also a profoundly spiritual experience. Rooted in Hawaiian culture and tradition, this massage aims to restore harmony and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Therapists often begin the session with a prayer or intention-setting, creating a sacred space for healing and transformation.
  • Dance-like movements: What sets Lomi Lomi apart from other massage styles is the graceful, dance-like movements of the therapist as they work on your body. This fluidity and grace create a mesmerising, soothing experience that allows you to fully surrender, be present and in the moment.

Why we love Lomi Lomi Massage

Our therapist’s prayer and humming/ chanting made our Lomi Lomi massage one to remember. Embrace the culture and the dance moves and say Aloha to this one-of-a-kind experience. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Most Pleasurable Massage

Pleasure is subjective. There’s no point making any hard and fast rules in this article saying you should do this and you shouldn’t do that. What do you find pleasurable? Do you link an intense massage experience that gets into your knots and pain points? Do you fantasise about your masseuse and wish you could turn it into something more erotic? How in touch with the spiritual and emotional aspects of massage are you? 

Try to balance a massage experience you know you’ll enjoy and something new and exciting. Pushing your boundaries can bring great rewards, so take a chance on something new such as a tantric massage experience. 

Don’t Neglect Your Physical Needs

As much as we want you to become a pure pleasure seeker, that’s not a reason to ignore your body. We all recognise the satisfaction of having a stiff neck, back or knuckles cracked and the relief that comes with that. Ensure your massage blends therapeutic benefits with sensual, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Keep it Convenient 

Don’t make the mistake of researching your perfect massage and then sucking all the pleasure out of the situation by fighting through traffic, rush hour trains or expensive taxis to experience it. Our clientele at Tantric Collective is some of the world’s most discerning. As such, you can learn from their experience. Book a masseuse close to you, or even better, have the masseuse come to you. Most massage types can be enjoyed as an outcall, so you never need to leave your home or hotel to indulge in pleasure seeking. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore the city, try to find a masseuse in your area. Our masseuses are located throughout central London, so there’s always a stunning tantric therapist nearby, regardless of your location.  

The Five Most Pleasurable Massage Types – Our Conclusion

So there you have it. Did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know! 

Remember that what is pleasurable is incredibly subjective. Try these recommendations and see what works for you. Often it will be the connection with your masseuse that makes the magical difference. This leads nicely into my final bonus tip for today. 

Regular sessions with your masseuse will build connection and understanding and make your sessions more pleasurable. So, don’t be a stranger once you find the right therapy and the perfect masseuse. Human connection and genuine intimacy is a theme that runs through every massage type wherever you are in the world. 

Book a Tantric Collective masseuse today and start your journey towards pure sensual pleasure.