What Is Nuru Massage?

This slippery massage hails from Japan and has recently seen a dramatic rise in popularity. London Nuru Massage is one of our most requested therapies, so today, we will give you some actionable tips to perform the ultimate Nuru Massage at home. These include:

  • Nuru Massage Gel Recipe – Save Money and Make Your Own
  • How To Perform The Massage
  • Where You Can Experience Nuru with a Professional Masseuse
  • What Makes a Massage with Tantric Collective London so Special

So let’s dive right in. Whether you book a massage with us or turn up the heat in the bedroom with your partner, these tips will come in handy in 2023!

Homemade Nuru Massage Gel Recipe

It’s a misconception that Nuru Massage Oil is used in this therapy. If you see someone using oil for Nuru, they are faking it. The massage must always be performed using the seaweed-based gel that it is famous for.

We dedicated an entire blog to this topic in 2022, so check out the link below for an entire run down. I won’t include a method as it’s incredibly simple. Just throw it all together and mix it up until it slides (not runs) through the fingers. You want a gloopy mix that allows naked bodies to slip and slide across each other like never before! The ingredients are as follows:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (From nori seaweed, ideally)
  • Xantham Gum
  • Water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera Extra (optional)

Season with passion and apply generously to the willing body!

How To Perform The Massage

1 – Set The Scene

You must set the room up to give your partner the ultimate Nuru massage. Cover your bed with plenty of clean towels. The blow-up beds you might have seen online are undoubtedly convenient, but there’s nothing sensual about a squeaky blow-up mattress sagging in the middle and steadily deflating. Use your bed, but protect it adequately from all that gel.

If you’re very concerned about your bedding, you might consider investing in a waterproof sheet. These can be purchased relatively cheaply and will ensure your mattress stays 100% clean after your slippery massage adventures!

Light some candles, and ensure the room is a pleasant temperature for someone lying naked in. Remember that while you’re working away, they stay relatively passive, so you want to ensure they aren’t getting cold. Aim for 23 degrees centigrade; it should feel quite hot to you, but it will be perfect for your partner.

2 – How To Give A Nuru Massage

Start the massage with your partner lying on his or her front. From here, you can apply generous amounts of the gel (keep it in a bowl that won’t spill beside the bed) and work it across their entire back body. Once they are glistening in the candlelight, it’s time to begin body glides.

Body Glides are a staple technique of all erotic massage and involve moving your down up or down the length of your partner. Start at their feet and glide your chest, stomach and hips up the length of their body. Use a firm pressure that envelopes them but be conscious of weight difference if performing the massage as a man to a woman. You will want to support some of your body weight, so this massage doubles as a great core workout!

Invite your partner to turn over and continue with the body glides. Keep your body in touch with theirs and add teasing movements getting close to their lips and neck as you move up their body. Allow them to feel your chest and hips as you glide across them.

Nuru is a profoundly erotic massage; your partner will love the sensations you provide. Remember these tips next time you want to give them an extra special evening. Body glides work just as well using traditional massage oils, so don’t feel you have to create a Nuru experience every time.

There is something very addictive about that friction-free gel, so try it at home next time you feel intimate. Better yet, why not leave it to the professionals…

Experience an Elite London Nuru Massage

It’s hard to feel confident practising a new skill if you’ve never experienced it as it is meant to be done. You first go out with a qualified racing driver on a track day. They show you what is possible, and then in your way, you start working towards that.

The same is true with erotic massage. If you want to understand the power of Nuru, book yourself with a Tantric Collective masseuse and experience it first-hand. They will welcome any questions you have about the movements and the gel they use. After the session, you will have a new understanding of your potential for pleasure and how to give this gift.

The Tantric Collective Difference

Tantric Collective is an elite provider of Tantric and Erotic Massage. We are incredibly proud of our ever-growing team of masseuses and only work with the finest, most passionate therapists in town. Our customer concierge service can answer any questions you have and love to help you with recommendations or tips on how best to experience tantra.

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