Secret Tantric Massage Tips – Advice From The Experts

This is an actionable list of ideas to enhance your erotic massage skills.

Our clients love the indulgence of a professional Tantric Massage in London. But, one commonly asked question by our regulars is how they can add these skills to their lives at home. This way, partners and loved ones can simultaneously enjoy a massage and learn about tantra. If life is too hectic in the run-up to Christmas to book a Couples Massage, why not try a massage at home? Here are our Secret Tantric Massage tips that you can use at home.

Secret Tantric Massage Tip #1 – Set the Scene

It would help if you kept a few things in mind to create the right ambience for your secret tantric massage surprise. With these tips in mind, your partner will feel immediately relaxed and receptive to the idea of a sensual adventure together:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Touch

Let’s look at these topics and discuss how you can best use them to create a professional sensual massage environment in your home.

1 – Temperature

This feels incredibly obvious, but it’s surprising how often the room temperature is overlooked, even in professional environments. I know from personal experience how a warm room can soon feel quite frigid once you’ve been lying on a massage bed for 20 minutes without any clothes. After another 30/40 minutes of trying to relax whilst shivering away, you’ll be left wondering why you bothered in the first place. Not the result you or I want from any massage experience!

Ensure your room is at least 23 degrees celsius and ideally closer to 25. As the masseuse, this will feel warm to you as you work on tight muscles and move around. To your partner who is passively receiving the massage, it will simply feel Devine. No distractions, no shivers. Just pure, blissful indulgence.

2 – Lighting

Sadly this is another tip that I’ve learnt the hard way! Bright lights are an absolute no. Please ensure your room is dark and lit attractively. This means no strip lights, bright LED bulbs and absolutely no Lava Lamps, you big retro cheese ball!

The room should be dark, with warm candlelight flickering around the edges. Well-shaded golden bulbs can ensure you can find massage oils and essential body parts but keep this to a minimum. When I enjoy a massage, I want to feel like I’ve entered a womb-like cave of pleasure. If you create the same setting for your partner, the massage will start perfectly.

3 – Music

Music during a massage session is a very personal thing. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you probably have a very good idea of the music your partner loves. But, even then, that music might not be appropriate for a calming massage environment. The Tantric Collective London team always use instrumental, ambient music to create a relaxing but non-specific ambience in the room. The music should be without rhythm or lyrics, allowing the listener to float in and out without noticing it. Drones are ideal for this but can hold distracting connections for the average massage enthusiast. Keep an eye out for future blog posts discussing Music for Tantric Massage.

4 – Touch

No, I don’t mean touching each other. More on that later…

By touch, I mean the feel of the things in the room. You want your bed sheets to be fresh, soft and smelling of your partner’s favourite fabric softener. If you own an electric blanket, put that on the bed before your massage to warn the sheets. This will feel Devine as you lay your partner down on it.

If you’re planning to perform a Nuru Massage, ensure you have covered your bed in fresh, fluffy towels to keep the Nuru gel off your bed sheets. No one wants to do laundry and change the bed sheets after their massage. That’s a surefire way to kill the blissed-out vibes you worked so hard to create!

Secret Tantric Massage Tip #2 – Meditation

Bear with me on this one! I know you’ve popped the champagne, danced around the kitchen, and now you’re finally in the bedroom and ready for action but wait. To truly recreate the secrets of tantric massage at home, you must balance the mental before focusing on the physical. Here’s a simple meditation you can do with your partner to get you both in the ideal mindset for your erotic adventures together.

  • Sit opposite each other in the middle of the bed
  • Join your hands and match up your breathing.
  • Close your eyes and count ten breaths. Working together, in breath, out breath. Repeat.
  • Move behind your partner and place one hand over their heart Chakra. This will nurture feelings of love. Return your focus to the breath.

Our masseuses pay close attention to each of the Chakra during their sessions. Here is a handy guide to the seven chakras, their colour and their location on the body:

The Seven Chakra for secret tantric massage tips blog

Secret Tantric Massage Tip #3 – Technique

Incorporate proven Swedish Massage techniques. You will need some proven techniques to demonstrate your massage skills. Otherwise, this ‘massage’ will be a very elaborate foreplay. Not undesirable, but not entirely what we set out to achieve, so let’s dive in.

Swedish Massage is the most popular form of massage in the world. The five main movements involved are as follows:

  • Effleurage – Circular stroking to warm up the muscle and stimulate blood flow. The masseuse will use different amounts of pressure depending on the client’s needs.
  • Petrissage – Petrissage gets really into the muscle with kneading movements. Very effective on chronically tight or sore muscles and knots.
  • Tapotement – The two-handed chopping motion that has almost become a massage cliche. This is a testament to the enduring popularity of Swedish Massage.
  • Friction – Rubbing to increase blood flow. Work well on joints where any deeper movements could cause pain.
  • Vibration – Shaking areas of tension. Works well on large leg muscles and smaller areas like the face when the masseuse will ‘shake’ the area with her fingers.

Secret Tantric Massage Tip #4 – Body Glides

Body glides are a staple technique of Erotic Massage and involve the masseuse gliding their entire body over the person being treated. The feeling of pressure, naked, oiled skin on skin and tantalising intimacy will take your massage to the next level. Incorporate teasing touches such as attention to their ear lobes or the nape of their neck to set the sensations tingling.


So there you have our top-secret tantric massage tips you can use at home.

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