The 5 Best Sensual Bodywork Videos on YouTube in 2023

Sensual bodywork is a holistic wellness practice that integrates massage, energy work, and mindfulness to promote self-exploration, pleasure, and healing. It includes techniques such as tantric massage, meditation, and chakra balancing.

Tantric massage, a vital part of sensual bodywork, utilises sexual energy as a healing force. It’s not merely about physical pleasure but involves achieving overall wellness through manipulating the body’s energy flow.

Sensual bodywork also employs meditation to foster mindfulness and enhance sensory awareness. It aids in stress relief, promotes emotional healing, and strengthens the mind-body connection.

In addition, it ties in with the concept of the seven chakras, the energy centres in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. These chakras are awakened and balanced in tantric massage and sensual bodywork, encouraging a seamless energy flow and boosting overall well-being.

Platforms like YouTube have made this information available and accessible through expert instructors and tutorials. These men and women inspire much of my writing here at Tantric Collective. I have learnt so much from these Sensual Bodywork Channels and can’t wait to share this knowledge and inspiration with you all.

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The Importance of Authentic Sensual Bodywork Channels

Before diving into the YouTube channels that are the best at providing genuine and beneficial sensual bodywork knowledge, it’s essential to understand how to identify an authentic channel. Key indicators include:

  • The expertise of the channel owner – Look for practitioners with a solid background and experience in sensual bodywork.
  • Frequency of content creation – Regular updates signify active engagement with the audience.
  • Quality of the instruction – Clear and detailed explanations, including safety precautions and benefits, are hallmarks of a quality channel.
  • Community engagement –  Active response to comments, queries, and feedback signifies a healthy learning community.

Top 5 Sensual Bodywork Channels on YouTube

1 – Roxy’s Dream

Roxy envisions a future where open and judgement-free discussions about all aspects of sexuality are commonplace. This includes exploring individual kinks, discussing sexual assault, understanding the complexities of female orgasms, confronting infidelity, and embracing open relationships, to exploring paraphilia.

Through her sex-focused blog and podcast, she provides a candid look into her personal sexual experiences. Each story offers an opportunity to glean insights into her journey, the multifaceted nature of human sexuality, and the world in which we live.

Visit her website

Listen to her insightful podcast.

Follow her on Instagram

2 – Michelle Alva TV

Michelle Alva strives to magnify the life-changing effects of love and intimacy for individuals and couples through her work.

Her unique “ALVA Method,” an acronym for “Amplify Love & Vibrate Abundance,” blends ancient wisdom with contemporary science to facilitate extraordinary improvements in mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle’s qualifications encompass many fields, including NLP, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Tantra, Timeline Dynamics, Psych K facilitation, Theta Healing, and Reiki. In addition, she brings nearly three decades of experience as a Physical Therapist specialising in pelvic floor therapy.

Tune into Michelle Alva TV to heal from past trauma, alleviate emotional and physical pain, enhance intimacy, revolutionise your sexual experiences, and nurture a deeper bond with your heart, sensual consciousness, and spirit.

Experience liberation from tension, stress, and emotional suffering by engaging in private sessions with Michelle, available in person or via Zoom. Explore the path towards a healthier, more balanced you today.

Michelle’s Website

Michelle Alva on Instagram

3 – Sexual Kung Fu

Sexual Kung Fu is about fostering an intentional relationship with your sexual energy and channelling that vitality to enrich all facets of your life. It challenges men to differentiate between ejaculation and orgasm, a critical skill in mastering their sexual energy.

Johnathan White, the innovator behind Sexual Kung Fu, is a certified Taoist Internal Arts instructor. His work is centred around integrating potent energetic practices within our contemporary world.

Sexual Kung Fu provides a methodology to harness and transmute your sexual energy. This transmuted energy can be directed towards creative pursuits, manifestation, health enhancement, and becoming multi-orgasmic. Johnathan has guided thousands of men globally in overcoming sexual dysfunctions and restrictions to orgasmic pleasure by incorporating practices such as Qigong, Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation into their daily regimens.

4 – Touch of Happiness Massage

Touch of Happiness Massage is a sensual bodywork channel hosted by Libby: a holistic masseuse, skilled intimate bodyworker, and knowledgeable sex educator. Libby collaborates with individuals and couples, men and women alike, to…

– Tackle particular sexual difficulties

– Infuse their lives with enhanced pleasure

– Cultivate a more profound consciousness of sensation

– Unwind and break free from persistent tension patterns that restrict sexual and sensual delight

– Bolster confidence regarding sex, intimacy, and body acceptance

5 – Mayara Healing Arts

Meet Mayara! This is her exclusive platform, where she imparts knowledge designed to aid in healing traumas, resolving blockages, and rectifying sexual imbalances. Her mission is to help her audience ignite their self-confidence and harness their inner power by mastering the transmutation of sexual energy and delving into the realm of sacred sexuality.

For any business inquiries, you can contact her at: [email protected].

Honorable Mentions

Other channels on YouTube also provide valuable insights into sensual bodywork. These did not make our top 5, but they are worth checking out:

Shan Boody – Tips, Debates and Advice. 

Magda Kay

Alice Little - The Intimacy Expert

Psalm Isadora – The Mind Valley YouTube channel hosts some excellent videos from LA-based sex coach, author and yoga teacher Psalm Isadora.

How to Incorporate Sensual Bodywork into Your Life

Now that you have a curated list of YouTube channels, you might wonder how to incorporate what you learn into your life. Here are some suggestions:

1. For personal growth

Incorporating sensual bodywork into your personal growth regime can enhance self-awareness, self-acceptance, and emotional balance. Begin by setting aside time to explore sensual bodywork techniques you’ve learned from your resources. During these sessions, use mindful awareness to pay attention to how your body responds to each movement, touch, or stretch. What areas of your body are holding tension? Where do you feel most relaxed or aroused? Over time, this process of mindful exploration can deepen your connection to your body, uncovering emotional blocks, increasing body positivity, and leading to greater self-understanding.

2. For enhancing relationships

In relationships, sensual bodywork can open new channels of communication, intimacy, and mutual respect with your partner. Discuss this practice openly with your partner and why you’re interested. You might invite them to watch YouTube videos with you or even participate in a shared bodywork session. As you practice, focus on creating a safe, non-judgmental space where each partner feels comfortable expressing their desires, boundaries, and responses. This can improve emotional intimacy and trust, strengthening the bond between partners.

3. For improving overall health and wellbeing

Regular practice of sensual bodywork can offer various physical and mental health benefits similar to yoga or meditation. It can help reduce stress, increase body awareness, improve flexibility, and enhance mental clarity. Consider scheduling regular bodywork sessions like any other health or fitness activity to incorporate this into your overall health regimen. Depending on your comfort level and schedule, this could be once a week or more frequently. You might also integrate bodywork with other self-care practices, like deep breathing exercises, meditation, or a warm bath before bed. Over time, this routine can help you manage stress more effectively, improve your body’s mobility and function, and contribute to overall well-being.

The Best Sensual Bodywork Channels on YouTube – My Conclusion

Sensual bodywork can be a wonderful discovery, pleasure, and healing journey. The YouTube channels we’ve mentioned provide a wealth of knowledge for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. We encourage you to explore these channels and learn more about this transformative practice. Remember, the journey of sensual bodywork is a personal one. What matters most is your comfort, safety, and the joy of discovery.


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