Chakra Massage and The Importance Of Touch

Social media, Zoom meetings, remote working, internet pornography and Deliveroo. What do these modern-day trends all have in common? Despite the post-Covid-19 world in London being almost back to normal, people are more isolated than ever before. Even long-term relationships can feel this lack of physical touch as work pressure and family life distract from romance and intimacy. Especially true in children but just so in Adults; a lack of human contact and interaction has been proven harmful in scientific studies. As busy adults going about our lives, how can we remedy these modern-day ailments and ensure we get our daily dose of serotonin through the importance of the human touch? 

Laying Of The Hands

In the world of tantra, the massage element is sometimes referred to as a laying of the hands. Our Tantric Collective website can seem glamorous with images of stunning masseuses in sexy lingerie and high heels, but the ethos is much more down-to-earth. The laying of the hands perfectly encapsulates the essence of tantric massage. To be touched by another human without thought of reciprocation. This is Intimacy in its purest form. Also, this perfectly describes the simple but essential connection between one human and another through the chakras. 

The Chakras 

There are 7 Chakras in the body. Ayurveda, or chakra massage, focuses on balancing these 7 points of energy to positively affect our health and well-being. Therefore our tantric massage incorporates these techniques to create a compelling sensual and spiritual experience. So, let’s look at the different Chakras and their roles in our bodies.

The Seven Chakras

1- Root chakra — Located at the base of the spine, its primary functions are related to movement and Balance – Massaging the Root Chakra can help solve anxiety and fear. All chakras are associated with a colour. The root chakra is represented as red. 

2 – Sacral chakra — Located just below the navel, the sacral chakra deals with emotions and creative and sexual energies. Always a focal point during the tantric massage. This is how Tantric Collective massage can help with sexual dysfunction, a lack of intimacy and repressed emotions – Colour – orange.

3 – Solar Plexus chakra — Located in the stomach area and responsible for self-esteem, willpower and personal responsibility. Treatment here can help with manipulative tendencies, lack of confidence and abuse of power. Colour – Yellow

4 – Heart chakra — Located in the centre of the chest, this chakra deals with love for oneself and others. Focusing on the heart chakra can help with depression, relationships and self-discipline. Colour – Green

5 – Throat chakra — Situated at the base of the throat and related to communication and speech. Treatment can help with shyness, poor communication and arrogance –  Blue.

6 – Third Eye chakra — A well-known chakra situated in the middle of the forehead, just above the area between the eyes. It is responsible for intuition and foresight. Focusing on this area can help with a lack of direction and clarity. Colour – Indigo

7 – Crown chakra — Located on top of the head and dealing with one’s connection to the divine. Head massage focussing on this chakra can help with cynicism, lack of faith and a disconnection from the spirit. It is represented by the colour Violet. 

In Conclusion

So if you’re looking for a spiritual and Erotic Massage, get in touch with the Tantric Collective team today. Our gorgeous masseuses are all highly trained and situated throughout Central London. Also, If you have questions about Tantric Massage or which of our masseuses to choose, our customer concierge team will be happy to help. 

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