Try a Couples Erotic Massage in 2023

It’s mid-January as I write this, and Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Some of you will be planning dinner, flowers and an evening of romance. Some of you will be wondering what you could do differently this year. Sitting in a crowded restaurant full of other couples certainly isn’t for everyone, and if you’re any romantic, you should know that flowers aren’t for one day every year.

So what can you do differently this year, and how can we push each other’s boundaries in a fun and flirtatious way in 2023? Fortunately, the Tantric Collective blog is here to help! Trying couples erotic massage could be the perfect adventure for you both. In today’s blog, you will learn the following:

  • The Benefits of Erotic Massage For Couples
  • How to Discuss It With Your Partner
  • How To Pick The Perfect Masseuse
  • Which Essential Oils You Should Try and What They Do
  • How To Give Your Partner a Mind-Blowing Erotic Massage
  • How To Book The Perfect Erotic Couples Massage Experience

So with that said, let’s dive in!

The Benefits Of Erotic Couples Massage

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Erotic Massage is fun! But besides that, there are some benefits you might not have thought of:

1 – Couples Massage can improve your sex life.

Opening yourselves up to an intimate massage with one or two masseuses shows trust, a willingness to explore and a desire to learn more about your body and mind.

2 – Erotic Massage can help with body confidence and sexual dysfunction

Sexological Bodywork is a method of treating issues such as body confidence, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Putting yourself in the hands of a trained professional allows you to relieve the pressure to perform and accept your body as it is. Regular sessions with a trained tantric practitioner will boost your confidence and help you work through specific traumas from your past.

3 – You will learn to understand your body and how to give your partner the perfect massage.

More on this later.

Choosing The Perfect Masseuse

Please sit down and make your choices together for this massage. We know from experience how well-intentioned ‘surprises’ can work out quite differently from how you imagined them. You wouldn’t bring a girl or hug home from a bar, present them to your partner and say, ‘guess who’s getting naked with us tonight!’

Well, you might. If so, then good for you!

Talk about your massage and your reasons for booking it. Once you’re both set on experiencing this sensual therapy, it’s time to choose a masseuse. For erotic couples massage, you can book one masseuse for both of you (at a slight premium) or a masseuse each.

The main thing to consider is chemistry. Will you feel at ease with the masseuse, and is she someone you are happy to invite inside the sacred space of your relationship?

Top Tip – Women generally have a better sense of a woman they will connect with. Be guided by female intuition and not simply male fantasy.

Our masseuse’s profiles have some background information, pictures, and vital statistics. Our customer concierge team should be your first call if you have any questions. They know the masseuses personally and love to play matchmaker to pleasure-seeking couples. Let them know a little about your likes and dislikes, and they will happily make the perfect recommendation.

Erotic Massage For Couples –  Learn From A Professional

Do you want to give your partner a gift that keeps on giving?

Do you want to learn incredible sexy massage skills that you’ll both love?

Of course, you do!

The best way to learn new skills is by experiencing them hands-on (pun intended!) During your couples massage, your masseuse will be delighted to show you how to massage your partner best. That thing she did that had your other half moaning with delight? You can get a first-hand demonstration and then take that knowledge home to practice and perfect it.

An erotic couples massage can be both blissful therapy and sensual education. You will pick up new skills, knowledge and insight into how to give your loved one pleasure through massage.

That beats a box of chocolates for Valentine’s any day!

Bonus Tip! – Essential Oils

One last thing to consider is the powerful effects of essential oils and how they can enhance your massage experience. I wrote a blog in 2022 about the five best sensual massage oils, so if you want to learn more about this practice, check it out.

My personal preference is Lavender or Bergamot. Either one has me instantly blissed out and somewhere between a sleeping kitten and a horny tigress!

Book Your Dream Massage with Tantric Collective Today

So there you have it. Couples Erotic Massage could be the valentines treat your relationship has been crying out for. The key takeaways from today are:

  • Couples Massage has enormous benefits for your sex life and dealing with past issues.
  • Women pick better women. Choose chemistry over fantasy for a more powerful encounter.
  • Learn sensual skills you can take home and become a master of massage!

Be grown-ups, choose wisely and have fun!

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