Holding Space : Erotic Massage For Couples

Here at Tantric Collective, we are often asked about erotic massage for couples. Friends and clients seem to have many questions about this therapy. In today’s blog, I will answer some of the commonly asked questions and discuss the benefits massage can bring to your relationship. 

How Can Couples Massage Help My Relationship?

First, this isn’t a blog about booking an erotic massage for couples with us. Our masseuses certainly offer this therapy, but we want to dive deeper than that. Couples’ massage can transform relationships and rekindle old flames. So with that in mind, let’s explore the benefits. 

Make Time For Each Other

This one is often overlooked. A key benefit is talking, planning and making time for each other. The simple act of saying to your partner, ‘let me give you a massage tonight,’ creates a stopping point in the day. No work, no phone calls. At 22:00, it’s time for you. An act like this is known as ‘holding space’. 

Holding Space 

Holding Space is the act of making yourself available to someone without judgement. Your job is to stay quiet and listen to whatever they say. Try not to think about your response or let your mind wander to other things. There are three appropriate responses when holding space for someone:

Tell me more

Go on

How does that feel?

As you can see, your role is to be entirely passive in the exchange. Let them unload onto you without thought for yourself.

Energy Exchange

Erotic massage for couples is a variation of tantric massage. You can think of the massage as an energy exchange. Although you are the giver of the massage, it is your role to give completely without thought for reciprocation. Likewise, your partner must remain entirely passive. They are allowing the sensations to wash over them. 

Is Tantric Massage Good For Foreplay? 

The answer to this regularly asked question is yes and no. A sexy massage with your partner will certainly get the blood flowing. However, as we have just seen, you shouldn’t approach it with a goal. The best way to combine erotic massage with your sex life is to take turns. Please ensure you have plenty of time and allow one to massage the other. After a session of perhaps 40 minutes or more, you could consider swapping. The key is not to rush it. A ten-minute massage of only the prominent erogenous zones immediately followed by sex isn’t going to feel very transformative. 

Learn About Each Other’s Bodies 

Take your time, breath and be mindful. Give your energy to your partner and enjoy seeing them flourish. When it’s your turn to be massaged, accept the gift. Do not try to move things on to the next level. When your partner decides it is finally time to come together, the sensations will be potent. This is the true essence of tantra and tantric sex. Allow the pleasure to climax in your mind, not in your body. 

Professional Erotic Massage for Couples

So we did say this wasn’t a blog about booking a masseuse BUT allow us this suggestion. Talk to us if you’re unsure about how the massage should feel or how it should flow. It’s much easier to cook a recipe when you know what the dish should taste like. 

By booking a session with one of our masseuses, you can experience elite erotic massage for couples. This knowledge can then be transferred to your bedroom. We always advise couples that decisions should be made with total trust. Talk to each other before calling us. 

What Not To Do

If you think it would be incredibly sexy to surprise your other half with a professional erotic massage, please think again. We love this booking, but it can go wrong if not discussed in detail beforehand. Talk to each other, understand your passions and make a booking if you are both comfortable. 

You can book one masseuse for the pair of you or one each. The understanding you will gain from one of our expert masseuses is invaluable. She will happily explain some techniques to you and demonstrate ways to pleasure each other you never thought possible. 

So there you have it. Have you experienced an erotic massage and want to try it with a partner? Contact us if you have any questions or want more information. We love to hear from our clients in the masseuse reviews or via questions in email and over the phone. We want these blogs to be a place of inspiration and education for masseuses and clients alike. 

Erotic Massage For Couples with Tantric Collective. Key points:

Hold Space

Exchange Energy

Receive the Gift

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