Tantric massage can be a transformative experience, offering relaxation and heightened awareness. But what exactly happens to your body during and after such a session, and how does it make you feel? Understanding the sensations arising from a tantric massage can be hugely beneficial, whether you're a newcomer or a regular sensual adventurer. Let’s dive into the varied effects of this ancient art form on the body, mind, and spirit.

This article features real-world quotes from some of our lovely client reviews at Tantric Collective. Combined with video content and our own years of experience in sensual massage, this is the ultimate guide to how you feel after getting a tantric massage. 

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What Are The Physical Sensations of Tantric Therapy?

Tantric therapy is essentially about activating your body's energy centres, known as Chakras. When this happens, you become ultra-aware of every touch, making everything feel more intense. On top of that, your muscles get a break similar to what they'd feel with a deep tissue massage: relaxed and tension-free. 

The process also moves your blood, bringing a warm, comfortable sensation. And one of the most unique parts? You'll find your breathing syncing up with the masseuse, which is surprisingly calming. It's a deeply physical experience that tunes you into your body like never before.

Here’s what Gavin had to say about the physical sensations he enjoyed during a session with the lovely Emma. 

“Emma was so generous and kind. She made me feel very relaxed, and I was blown away by her touch and her gorgeous body. I recommend and look forward to seeing her again soon.”


Positive Energy Release - The Emotional Benefits of Tantric Massage 

It's not uncommon for recipients to experience strong emotional reactions during or after a tantric massage. These might range from infatuation, relief, bouts of laughter or a profound sense of gratitude. Such releases are therapeutic, signifying the clearing of emotional blockages.

The intentional and respectful touch in tantric massage can foster feelings of being deeply understood and connected, not just with the practitioner but also with oneself and the world.

Tantric massage can lead to the sensation of energy coursing through the body, often described as waves or currents. This is the activation and flow of the Kundalini energy, which can lead to feelings of exhilaration.

G.H. described his emotional connection with Daisy during their sessions in this wonderful review:

“Daisy has that rare combination of stunning beauty with openness and humility that is so hard to find in London these days. I’ve visited her more than once and find her company absolutely enchanting every time. I confess I find myself a little smitten but it’s that connection that keeps me coming back for more.”

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Reconnecting With Yourself During Tantric Massage 

Post-session, many of our reviewers describe a sharpened awareness of their surroundings, akin to a meditative state. This clarity can also manifest as an acute introspection, enabling insights into personal matters.

Some recipients experience a dissolution of the boundaries of time and space, feeling like they're floating or in a dreamlike state. They lose track of time and awareness of the outside world. This trance-like sensation can be deeply rejuvenating.


Spiritual Awakening: Beyond the Physical Realm

For some, tantric massage serves as a bridge to the divine or universal energy. The awakening of Kundalini, combined with the intentional nature of the practice, can foster a profound spiritual connection.

Another potential outcome is a heightened sense of interconnectedness and unity with all that exists. This realisation of oneness can offer solace and a deeper understanding of one's place in the cosmos.


How Do You Feel After A Tantric Massage? - Our Conclusion

So, as we have seen, tantric massage is more than a physical experience. It is a holistic journey that engages the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Each session is unique, and the effects can range from subtle to profound. By understanding these potential outcomes, one can approach the practice with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace the myriad sensations and insights that await. 

This combination of physical gratification with emotional and spiritual growth makes our therapies so alluring. If you’ve never tried this kind of massage, I hope today's blog has answered some important questions and whetted your appetite to get out there and experience tantra first hand. 

Finally, I think that this lovely detailed review from Arthur perfectly sums up the joy and feelings that we’ve covered today:

“I booked a two-hour session with Daisy and I was so glad I allowed myself the extra time. She is quite incredible and I confess I haven’t stopped thinking about her since! Her body is incredible but it was her eyes and small gestures that were so alluring to me. Her technique is first class and she integrates all the teasing touches that have you catching your breath. A wonderful two hours that just flew by. Do pass on my thanks.”


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