The London Guide To Tie and Tease Massage 

A sometimes confusing and even daunting term that throws up many questions from our clients. Perfect material, then, for today’s blog post! Let’s take a deep dive into the sexy world of Tie and Tease massage and shed a little light on the shadow world for our readers. 

What is Dark Tantra Massage?

Many forms of massage incorporate elements of what we know as ‘dark tantra’. Also known as ‘black tantra’, this style of massage includes the shadow self. 

Much of these techniques stem from BDSM or, more simply, S&M. These terms are well known in popular culture but not nearly as well understood. The rise of mainstream media depictions of dark tantra in movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey and the adult film business has boosted their popularity. But how do we incorporate this into erotic massage, and what is involved? Read today’s Tantric Collective blog post to find out more! 

What are the Origins of S&M?

Firstly let’s define the acronyms. S&M is short for Sadism and Masochism, and the longer BDSM incorporates Bondage and Domination into the mix, making Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism. The origins can be traced back to 1785 when the Marquis De Sade published his ‘120 Days of Sodom’ novel. The book depicts graphic sexual violence and leaves his legacy forever associated with the world of fetish. 

In more modern times, what we now know as BDSM exploded into the public eye with the early 70’s gay revolution. Think leather, bikes and moustaches, and you’re on the right track. 

If you’d like a complete timeline for the rise of S&M, check out this article from The Harvard Crimson

Are you feeling a little daunted? Fear not! BDSM is a spectrum, and many people enjoy this subculture’s elements without identifying themselves as part of it. If you’ve ever playfully spanked your partner or even incorporated ice cubes into your bedroom antics, you’ve already delved into this world. We don’t all require nipple clamps and a Cat O’ Nine Tails to get our kicks.

Tie and Tease Massage Video 

Click the image to watch our tantalising Tie and Tease massage video:

Tie and tease are most often used to describe dark tantra in massage. It immediately sounds much less daunting than BDSM and, therefore, more accessible to clients. Here at Tantric Collective, we do not advertise Tie and Tease services for all of our therapists but if you are curious about this massage, let us know. We always aim to create a bespoke service for our clients, and we can certainly help you find the best masseuse for a little extra teasing and playful domination if that is your desire. 

What Happens During a Tie and Tease Massage?

As I have said, these kinds of therapies operate on a spectrum. If you book a tie and tease massage, you will be under no obligation to do something you are uncomfortable with. That said, most sessions begin by restraining the hands and feet. Once tied down, your masseuse will start to tease and dominate you seductively. Allow yourself to remain entirely passive and slip into a state of total abandonment from your everyday stresses. 

The London Fetish Scene

If reading this blog has got you a little hot under the collar and ready to learn more, then London is the perfect city. Here in the capital, many options exist to explore your wild side and indulge in a little kink. First amongst these is the legendary Torture Garden nightclub. Torture Garden is the world’s largest fetish club and hosts monthly nights for between 1000 and 2500 happy guests. High production values and multi-room venues make TG a club night like no other. The dress code is mandatory, and you will not get past the door mistress unless you have made an effort.

How Can I Book a Tie and Tease Massage?

So contact our Tantric Collective customer concierge team today. Not all masseuses offer this therapy, but if you let us know your desires in a quick email, text or phone call, we can tailor something specifically for you. You can also book now by completing our booking form. 

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