What Happens During a Tantric Massage? From The Masseuses Themselves! 

What happens during a tantric massage? It’s a great question and not always explained in simple terms. Simply put, it's a holistic approach to massage that combines sensual touch with spiritual and emotional elements, leading to a profoundly pleasurable experience. You will undoubtedly have read about tantras’ ancient roots in India, but in today's blog, I want to give you the ultimate guide to what happens in a tantric massage.

No cliches, no fluff. These are research-backed facts mixed with personal accounts from our highly experienced team of tantric massage experts.

Enjoy! Maya xxx

(Updated 19th January 2024)

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Where Did Tantra Come From?

Tantra challenged conventional beliefs by valuing bodily experiences and sensuality in the quest for enlightenment. This path diverged significantly from traditional practices that advocated physical denial for spiritual growth. As it journeyed across cultures, from the Himalayas’ mystical heights to Southeast Asia's diverse regions, tantra absorbed varied elements, enriching its practices and expanding its philosophical horizons.

In today's context, tantric massage represents a blend of ancient traditions with modern understandings of psychology and physical health. While maintaining its spiritual core focused on energy and consciousness, modern tantric massage integrates contemporary massage techniques, emphasising both physical relaxation and psychological well-being.

What Happens During A Tantric Massage? The Masseuses Have Their Say!

I want this article to give you a fresh perspective on what happens in a sensual massage, so here we go. We asked our most experienced tantric masseuses to give us their take on what happens in their sessions and how they approach their work.

Daisy: “My clients often tell me it's not just the massage they love; it's the whole vibe. The warm, welcoming atmosphere, the sense of genuine care, and the little personal touches I add all come together to create an experience that’s not just about physical relaxation but emotional rejuvenation too. They leave feeling lighter, brighter, and just more ‘them’. And honestly, that’s the best part of my job – seeing that transformation and knowing I’ve been a part of it.”

tantric masseuse Daisy poses in pink lingerie

Eliza: “I specialise in guiding clients through genuine tantric experiences that touch the soul. My clients often share how they cherish the authenticity I bring to each session. It's not just a massage; it’s a spiritual journey.

I believe in the power of ancient tantric techniques, and I infuse this wisdom into every touch, every breath, every moment of our session. It's about connecting on a deeper level, beyond the physical. My clients often say they feel a profound sense of self-awareness and spiritual connection that they haven't found anywhere else.

What makes the sessions special is this blend of traditional practices with a deep understanding of modern needs. It's a sanctuary where you can explore your inner self, release emotional blockages, and unlock a sense of harmony and balance. My clients leave feeling physically rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted, carrying with them a sense of peace and enlightenment that transcends the massage room.”

tantric massage therapist eliza poses in white shirt and black lingerie

Nicole: “I love to mix my experience in sensual massage with the tantalising techniques of tantra. This means we'll explore the physical connection and emotional and spiritual aspects, all in a light, friendly atmosphere that'll make you feel completely at ease.

Whether you're with me in Bayswater or I'm visiting you for a discreet outcall, expect punctuality, discretion, and an experience that’s tailored just for you. It’s all about indulgence, connection, and a touch of European charm you won’t easily forget.”

masseuse Nicole poses on sofa in white lingerie

What To Expect At The Incall Location

The environment for a tantric massage is crucial. Our ladies massage in serene and private spaces, with soothing music, scented candles and luxurious surroundings that help achieve deep relaxation. The ambience engages all your senses, preparing you for the journey ahead.

If you plan to have a masseuse visit you at your home or hotel, you can create this ambience wherever you are. Lower the lighting, light a few candles, and ensure the room is pleasantly warm enough for you to be naked for an hour or more.

The Right Mindset For Your Tantric Massage

Mental and emotional readiness is key. This involves taking deep breaths, clearing your mind, and opening yourself up to the experience without any reservations or preconceived notions. Remember, you are here to be a passenger, not a driver. Let your masseuse guide you, and enjoy the ride!

The Process - What Are The Cornerstones of a Tantric Massage?

Initial Connection

The massage begins with rituals like eye gazing and synchronised breathing. These practices help establish a connection and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Exploring The Chakras

A major component of tantric massage is focusing on your chakras or energy centres. The masseuse uses specific massage techniques to activate and balance these chakras, facilitating the flow of sexual energy throughout your body. While tantric massage is sensual, it's important to understand that its goal is not solely sexual gratification. Instead, it's about using sexual energy as a means of achieving a higher state of consciousness.

The Power Of Touch - Swedish Technique Meets Eastern Spirituality

The touch in tantric massage is unlike any other form of massage. It's a full-body massage with gentle and intentional strokes designed to awaken your body and focus your mind. Modern tantric massage also includes elements like deep tissue work, reflexology, body glides, and sensual touches. As you progress with the session, the touches will become more and more tantalising as your masseuse begins to use her whole, naked body to caress your own.

What Happens After The Massage?

After the massage, taking time for relaxation is important. This helps your body and mind absorb the massage's physical and emotional experiences. Reflect on the experience after your massage. This can help you continue carrying the benefits into your daily life.

What Happens During A Tantric Massage? My Conclusion

In wrapping up this comprehensive guide on what happens during a tantric massage, it's clear that this experience is a profound journey into the realms of the sensual, emotional, and spiritual. As we've explored, every aspect is meticulously crafted for your relaxation and awakening, from our massages' serene and private settings to the deep, intentional connections made through eye gazing and synchronised breathing. The ancient practice of focusing on chakras, as our experienced masseuses Daisy, Eliza, and Nicole highlighted, is not just about sensual pleasure but a gateway to higher consciousness and self-awareness.

Combining the Swedish technique's therapeutic benefits with Eastern spirituality's depth, this journey of touch offers a unique full-body massage experience. The careful balance of deep tissue work, reflexology, and sensual touches evolves into a tantalising dance of physical and emotional connection. And let's not forget the importance of the post-massage process – a time for reflection and integration, allowing the benefits of this deeply personal experience to resonate within you long after the session ends.

So, as you step into the world of tantric massage, remember it's an adventure of self-discovery, healing, and profound connection. Whether in the tranquil space of our incall locations or the comfort of your home, each session is a bespoke journey tailored to transport you to a state of deeper understanding, peace, and joy. Here's to your transformation journey and the newfound harmony it promises to bring.

With love,

Maya xxx


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