Introduction to Nuru Massage

Nuru massage originated in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. The word Nuru translates as ‘slippery’, which perfectly describes the sensation of this erotic massage. Your masseuse will seductively glide her naked body across your own. This frictionless movement increases blood flow and relaxes both body and mind.

Here at Tantric Collective, we have recently seen a tremendous interest in Nuru massage. Consequently, most of our stunning erotic masseuses offer deluxe Nuru massages in London. But, if you’d like to try Nuru massage at home, we have the perfect recipe to create the special gel so you can get slippery without all that expense. 

Our Nuru Massage Gel Recipe 

Traditional Nuru massage gel is a colourless, organic product made from Nori seaweed. Yes, that is the same seaweed you wrap your sushi in, but the gel is also odourless, so there is no need to worry about smelling like a fishmonger. 

Ingredients list:

Vegetable Glycerine 

Xanthan Gum 

Warm (not boiling) water 

Coconut Oil 

Aloe Vera Extract (optional) 

Nuru Massage Gel Method 

In a large bowl, mix half a cup of vegetable glycerine with half a cup of coconut oil and slowly add approximately four cups of warm water or enough to create the appropriate consistency. You are looking for a gloopy Nuru Massage gel that slides between your fingers. If it’s too runny, add more glycerine and more water if it’s too thick. Once mixed, you can add a teaspoon of Xanthan Gum and the optional Aloe Vera extract.

Although Nuru Gel is already very moisturising, adding Aloe Vera adds antioxidants and healing benefits to the treatment. This Nuru massage gel recipe will make enough gel for a lengthy massage, but if you need more, double the quantities. 

Protect Your Bedding 

The cliche here is the Nuru massage blow-up bed, but there’s nothing sensual about a squeaky inflatable mattress. Use your regular bed but add a waterproof sheet to protect your mattress against large spills. Cover the sheet with clean towels to add further protection and comfort. Nuru Massage gel is entirely colourless, so it won’t stain your towels or sheets. So as long as your mattress is protected from moisture, you need not worry. 

Experience Nuru Massage in London With The Experts

Tantric Collective can offer elite Nuru massage with highly trained and beautiful masseuses. Our erotic massage therapists are naturally passionate about all things sensual, including Nuru massage London. When booking a Nuru massage with us, you can expect the environment to be as described in this blog.

Our masseuses offer deluxe Incall locations in central London’s most glamorous districts. Here you can expect fine furnishings, luxury bathrooms with male and female toiletries and fresh towels to dry yourself off. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your gorgeous masseuse dressed in something seductive. After a quick chat, you’ll be invited to shower before lying face-down on the bed. Now your Nuru massage journey can begin in the expert hands of one of London’s finest erotic masseuses. 

Check out our gallery to see the masseuses that offer Nuru Massage in London here. 

Further Reading 

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So there you have it. In conclusion, Nuru massage gel is simple to make at home and will give excellent results. Don’t forget that you can also buy it pre-mixed or in powder format if you don’t fancy the additional fuss. However you approach making Nuru massage gel, the experience is one that every sensual explorer should try at least once. We hope our Nuru Massage Gel recipe helps you save a little extra and have a lot more fun!

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